Сергей Астахов пожертвовал заработком ради роли в триллере
The actor explained why he decided to cancel the planned tour.

Sergey Astakhov

Photo: Press service

Sergey Astakhov for the title role in a new serial of NTV “Under
voltage” refused several projects and tours, so actor
interested in the script of the film. Shooting of the film project started in Noumea.

“I’ve always loved mysteries and thrillers, so I’m very
excited to play such a large and interesting role — shared the actor. — From the
beginning noted the elegant script that not only holds but teaches a lot
surprises. I’m a little worked with NTV, but I can say that now in this
channel lot of good projects in which I want to participate. For
the role of Andrew Vysokova I even made big adjustments in the tour schedule. Canceled
and moved the performances. I pre-apologize to the audience that
they are waiting for. Will definitely do better, and next year will do! Believe that the role of
the project “Under stress” worth it”.

In the story, clinical psychologist Andrew Vysokov (Sergey
Astakhov) helps in solving the case of a series of murders that happened in a small
the seaside city. Hero has a unique skill that allows him not
to understand the logic of the criminal, but
“to play the role of a maniac.” It is this ability that gives the heroes a chance
find out how the killer thinks. The main character is convinced that any, even the most
crippled and unhealthy psyche has logic.
Together with the investigator Irina Shumsky (Nina Gogaev) he tries to understand
thoughts of a maniac, his motivation and prevent the next crime.