Надежда Грановская сменила амплуа
Popular singer became a Director and screenwriter.

Hope Meyher-Granovskaya

Photo: press service

At the end of September
The Moscow Music Hall, Hope Meyher-Granovskaya will present the author’s performance
“HISTORY DE UN AMOR”, starting
the first stage of his tour on cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. In
the play, Hope will act as a surprise to many roles — Director,
writer, performer and dancer of Argentine tango. Romances will be performed
in two languages: Spanish and Russian. To accompany the Hope and its
partners in performance will be live music performed by orchestra TANGO PROJECT.

“I created this
a project with a lot of love. This is my baby. I bare soul, was sincere and
this. This is a very intimate story, chamber and thin. This is something burning
my eyes and my heart beats… — says Nadezhda. — “The performance itself
immerses the viewer in an intimate and sensual atmosphere. And we try this
the atmosphere to preserve and increase”.

The basis
the play put a dramatic love story in the life of the protagonist appears
a man from her past. Years later she couldn’t forget him. After a while
—called the present. During the long years of separation, he waited for this meeting.
It gave a chance to both go the way of memories. If she wants to unison with the hero
its past to move forward? She wants to lose the script past life
again… to each studied situation it puts an end and
returns. She is steadily moving forward, toward something which is still nothing
don’t know. Like in the dark, tightly blindfolded.

the male role in the play, Hope decided to trust Paul Evljuskin — dancer of
Odessa, winner of the gold medal of the competition Formationdance-2005 and the Grand Prix world contest
contemporary (Baniole 98)
Paris. Currently, Paul is the Director of the play “LadiesNight”,
the choreographer and Director of the Odessa theater. V. Vasylko.