Дэниел Крэйг может лишиться жены из-за Джеймса Бонда
The actor will have to make some difficult choices.

Дэниел Крэйг может лишиться жены из-за Джеймса Бонда

Daniel Craig

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Daniel Craig was in a difficult position. The thing
that his career prospects came into conflict with the interests of its

According to friends of the actor, his family has long
a conflict is brewing. That in the relationship between Daniel and his wife Rachel
Wise, whom he married in 2011-m to year, not all is well, talk for a long time. In February of this year, one of
pals of the actor said that the couple are close to separate. Main
problem in their relationship was that usually leads to the disintegration of the acting
marriage: both partners have been working hard and hardly see each other. And
meanwhile, they meet with their colleagues, and they often
tie informal relations…

In the case of Craig and wise, to direct betrayal until
reached. However, Rachel decided that for the last few years, taking almost
parallel lives, they drifted apart
from each other that if the situation does not change, the collapse of their marriage is inevitable.
The last straw in this “conflict of interest”
was the message that Daniel still decided to go back in
the franchise of James bond.

Although earlier, the actor claimed that “‘d rather slit my
vein than again play bond,” recently it became known — the actor has changed his mind. Moreover, it is, in all
likely, goes about his consent to play not one but two films for which
he offered $ 150 million. This means that Craig again for a long time
leave the house, because both movies will be starring in a row — one after the other. But
Rachel said that it this situation does not suit. And now
Daniel will have to choose between a career and a wife…

Daniel Craig and Rachel wise

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