Александр Розенбаум вступил в конфликт со Стасом Костюшкиным
Famous musician harshly criticized the performance of the singer.

Stas Kostyushkin

Photo: Press service of the First channel/Maxim Lee

The First channel has finished shooting project
“Three chords”. Like any show associated with the competitive assessment, the recording of the program
not without scandals. So, on one of the shooting party Stas Kostyushkin
quarreled with Alexander Rosenbaum, occupying the judgment seat in the jury.

After singing the song of Igor Talkova “Summer
rain,” the judge harshly criticized the Stas. The jury did not like everything
from the manner of execution of the finishing stage persona of the singer. Stas decided
laugh it off, starting to say that the Navy uniform would have passed him more
however, his abrupt interruption.

“The most uninteresting, when you start
to justify himself, said Rosenbaum. — Do not make excuses. It’s not your
song. You don’t sing as it should. There was a lot of conversation is very cute.
Were false notes. Are you a vocalist, and on all the high notes were sharp. You
out of tune sing it! Couldn’t you have this song to sing. And do not say what
the costume they had to wear that.”

In response, taken aback Stas dissatisfied
muttered: “Well, put the points there, let’s go!”

“Do not let! — interrupted the singer Alexander. — Each person
here is my opinion and my ears. Next time you’d be here
to sit on the jury, and we sing. I also advise you to change not
sports. Muscles are very nice, but you have all the songs of the muscles out.” The only exposure allowed Kostyushkin not fall to wrangling with the master, and
brought a conflict situation.

“Three chord” is a thematic concerts, in which
the performers present to the audience their own interpretation of the famous
hits. Between the participants there is a creative competition. The jury evaluated the
each room, and the estimates are summarized from release to release to in the end
to determine the winner of the project.

Editions of a show dedicated to urban romance, author’s
song, kinoshlyagera, creativity of the Russian emigration of the twentieth century and the Participants. —
Victor Rybin, Ludmila Sokolova, Gleb Matveichuk, Elena Sparrow, Stas Kostyushkin,
Glory, Astakhov Sergey Glyzin Aleksey, Tatiana Bulanova, Klimova Irina.