Сергей Светлаков устроил романтичные каникулы с женой The entertainer shared details of his personal life. Sergey Svetlakov and his wife Antonina Chebotareva traveling to Spain. One of the creators of the Comedy Club in the microblogging published a touching photo with wife.

      “Instagram” is known showman, businessman, producer and screenwriter Sergey Svetlakov is the story of his creative life. There are a lot of pictures, which he captured while filming various TV projects. But the photos showing the personal life of a resident of Comedy Club, in his microblog are almost there. Therefore, the Sergey Svetlakov published the day before, may well be considered a rarity.

      Kenny g – do not like to spread on the themes of family life, suddenly has pleased fans with a touching photo, which he captured, together with his wife Antonina. The pair is now resting in Spain, traveling to places associated with Salvador Dali. A photo that was taken during one of the excursions, and shared Sergei Svetlakov in the microblog. The picture shows Sergey and Antonina walk, gently holding hands. It is obvious that the husband and wife are not posing, and some photographer, possibly from their company, catch a random shot, full of romanticism and conveys the sincerity of feelings of the spouses to each other.

      “Happy, stylish and beautiful”, “Excellent shot, Sergey!”, “Lovely couple, I wish you happiness!”, – responded to photo followers Sergey Svetlakov.

      It should be noted that the showman and his fiancee have been together for four years. However, during this time, the couple rarely appear together at social events. Svetlakov carefully protect his second family from prying eyes.

      By the way, not so long ago it became known that the new marriage is going to enter the ex-wife of Sergey Svetlakov, Julia. That beloved proposed to her, the young woman said in microblogging. Ex-wife of Sergey Svetlakov married

      We will remind that Yulia and Sergey Svetlakova officially parted ways in 2012 after twelve years of happy life. They have a daughter Anastasia, who, despite the breakup, both parents pay a lot of attention. The successor of the famous showman is learning to play the piano and sing. In eight years the girl has already managed to appear in a television show. Nastya became a member of the project “Comedy battle”, where the jury sits her father. There is a child, Sergei Svetlakov and second marriage three years ago, Antonina Chebotareva presented him with a son.

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