Сергей Светлаков сменил работу Eight years later on STS returns the legendary Comedy show “Thank God you came!”, in which the judge is a showman and TV presenter Sergei Svetlakov. Creative producer of the program will be his friend and fellow comedian Alexander Nezlobin.
Сергей Светлаков сменил работу

Comic show “Thank God you came!” eight years ago, was called one of the funniest on Russian television. And I think the fans are going to laugh till you drop – the program returns to the air. The position of judge, as it became known “StarHit”, is Sergei Svetlakov. A creative producer will be his friend and colleague, the comedian and actor Alexander Nezlobin.

“I will try to do it as objectively as possible. Bribes, of course, will take, but I promise to judge fairly. By the way, at the time, I myself participated in this program. This is the most difficult genre to test the brain and sometimes of the body. Excellent, when I manage to amuse people. But when messy, uncomfortable,” – shared Svetlakov.
Сергей Светлаков сменил работу

On the idea of the show, four guest stars to participate in all improvisations and one common. However, they do not know what role they will go and what awaits them. In the updated version Svetlakov have at the moment to press the red button and to stop it, and then choose the most interesting improvisation. To act as judge Sergei will have not for the first time, but here it will evaluate colleagues and friends.

“The previous version, its atmosphere was intimate, theatrical, – explains Ruslan Sorokin, the producer of the project. – Now go the other way – make more dynamic, will prepare modern, large-scale decorations. And the main task of the new company – to reveal the star guest with the most unexpected party”.

“We aim to expand the range of channel is not only due to new projects but also with brands that made it recognizable and loved, – says Vyacheslav Murugov, General Director of “STS Media” and TV channel STS. And one of these brands — “Thank God you came!”. All these years we have been thinking about restarting the show, but only with the arrival of Sergei Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin, we managed to find a suitable format. I’m sure the audience will like it no less than the classic version”.

The first broadcasts of the show scheduled for autumn this year.

We will remind, the program first went on the air of TV channel 24 September 2006. The chair of judges at different times was occupied by Alexander Tsekalo, Vadim Galygin, Andrey Urgant and others. And guests were: Urgant Ivan, Ksenia Sobchak, Fedor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko.