Алсу вместе с детьми вернулась в Россию Last week, on June 27, the artist celebrated the 35th anniversary. For the first time in a long time Alsu gathered relatives and friends abroad, and in Moscow. Almost two years she lived in Los Angeles, where I went immediately after the birth of her third child, son Raphael.
Алсу вместе с детьми вернулась в Россию

Left the scene for maternity leave, Alsu about two years resided with his family in America. But recently, the 35-year-old singer decided to return home.

“In Russia, Alsou has been only on short visits, – told the “StarHit” surrounded by artist. – I came for an important event, but the tour often refused. Wanted most of the time spent with the little heir and daughters Micelli and Safina – they went to Los Angeles to school. Plus in the States she was able to relax: visiting museums, concerts, she took the children to the lessons that my son engaged in “razvivalki”. It is at home it is always riveted the attention. And a regular walk with the child to shop for groceries can become a sensation in social networks or the media. Now the youngest member of the family grew up, the school year the girls ended, so Alsu with her husband Jan and children decided to return to Russia – where their home fans,working”.

The family in the beginning of June moved to a spacious house in the suburbs. To cope with children helps nanny. The actress, meanwhile, returns to creative activity. She removed the clip, he performed at several concerts. And one of them, held recently in Sochi, Alsu sang a duet with his little daughter.

Replaced the image of Alsu made a splash on the Network

Алсу вместе с детьми вернулась в Россию

At this time, Alsu and Yan Abramov, the impression of the perfect family. However, as admitted the singer herself, their relations have not always been easy. Sometimes a celebrity is quite sensitive to some points about her husband, but eventually wisened up and stopped paying attention to the little things that seemed recently ruined her life.

“It is very important for a woman to show any interest in what the husband what he likes. Even if she doesn’t like it, show at least minimal interest. Try to understand what he finds interesting. A man is very important. Otherwise it will just look for attention somewhere else or another person, maybe another woman. And this is very bad,” shared the celebrity.

Jan and Alsou was introduced to a longtime friend of the artist. Then the singer came to the first meeting with her future husband in jeans with holes, t-shirt and cap. But Abramov, on the contrary, have well prepared: put on a nice suit, had my hair done. As admitted itself Alsu, that evening, having seen dressed to the nines man, she was ready to sink into the ground because of his unpresentable appearance.