В Лондоне отрепетировали смерть королевы Елизаветы II British Ministers held a secret event – a rehearsal of the funeral in case of death of the British Queen. By the way, Elizabeth II is feeling well.
В Лондоне отрепетировали смерть королевы Елизаветы II

Queen of great Britain, perhaps one of the favorite persons of the world community. 92-year-old Elizabeth II is not only the reigning monarch, but has a great sense of style. The public for many years wondering who would be called as a successor of the Royal person. And even though everyone wants her to rule for many more years, in case of death of Her Majesty has already developed a special plan.

The British Ministers took part in an unusual event – a secret rehearsal of the ceremony of Elizabeth II. At the meeting it was decided how to act in case when Queen will not. For example, when to inform people about the death of the monarch of the day, noon or evening. Rumor has it that the plan has long been developed, but the dress rehearsal staged for the first time

British media reported this news, said rehearsal has nothing to do with the health of Queen Elizabeth II. Despite the fact that the day before yesterday, the monarch almost the first time missed the morning service on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the order of Saint Michael and Saint George in St. Paul’s Cathedral. The official reason was the bad state of health of Her Majesty.