Сергей Сафронов перенес серьезную операцию A well-known trick of the illusionist failed. Sergei Safronov was in Saint Petersburg and prepared a new show. However, a sudden incident almost changed the plans of the famous artist. Fans worried about the health of the beloved magician.

      Famous illusionist Sergey Safronov amazes many fans that come to see his show. For the dexterous movement of the magician’s hands closely watched by the spectators who want to unravel the secrets of the tricks. But experienced artists sometimes mistakes happen. Fans Safronov was worried about the health of the illusionist. The magician was published in the microblog of the hospital. From the belly of the artist stuck the needle, and Sergei himself left a mixed review to the photo.

      “Hurried and not able to prepare your favorite trick. Sitting, waiting to be cut,” wrote the artist.

      Excited fans sympathized with Safronov, and also wished a speedy recovery. “This is probably about pulling the threads out of the abdomen. It’s worth it?”, “I hope that all is well and nothing happened,” “had Excited all. Now everyone is worried,” wrote a follower.

      After a while Sergey has published another photo he took of the results of the operation, and hastened to reassure the worried fans. “All right! On my body five more stitches! We will live! Prepare a new spectacular show!”, – said the magician.

      Apparently, all the spectators waiting for a truly fascinating insight, for which the magician was not afraid to risk their own health. Together with his brothers, Ilya and Andrew, magicians never cease to amaze fans a diverse program and new tricks. For the first time about their work began in 2002. After they introduced the presenter of the program “What? Where? When?” Boris Hook, the brothers gained popularity from the audience. At different times, they created various TV shows, for example, taught the people the simple tricks, and also worked with many celebrities, helping them to create an unforgettable show.

      Since 2007, Safronov brothers became co-host of Marat Basharova in the popular program “the Battle of psychics.” In this program they acted as critics who were skeptical toward all participants.

      Also Safronov brothers became winners of international awards. Last year at the festival “Wizard Trophy they won in one of nominations and received the award “For contribution to the genre of world of illusion”.

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