Наталья Бардо ведет роскошный образ жизни в Голливуде Darling directed by Marius Weisberg admits that the happy abroad. Natalia Bardo recently for the first time became a mother, and maternity leave it of anything does not deny – basking on a Sunny beach, rides in expensive cars, go to concerts with friends.

      A few months ago, Natalia Bardo moved from Russia to the United States. At the time the former participant “Houses-2” have already had their first child. The child was born in one of the elite American hospitals. The baby’s father, Director Marius Weisberg, only two months later shared details of the joyous event with the public.

      “The growth of the baby — 53 cm It is very similar to me. Marius Jr. is growing on me a replacement, girls Khan” — shared with “StarHit” Weisberg. The choice of the Director, meanwhile, keeps secret the name of the son and publishes his photos on his page in the social network “Instagram”.

      But Natalia demonstrates in his luxurious lifestyle that she leads in America. The actress lives in Los Angeles, near Hollywood, where she spends a lot of time.

      It should be noted that Bardo quickly come in shape after childbirth. Photos of her in a bathing suit the imagination of fans. In the pictures the star basking on Sunny beaches and splashing in the warm sea water. “What a beauty”, “crazy cool”, “Very cool look”, “well Done, Natalie,” write to the followers of the star.

      In addition, a young mother indulges in such pleasures as an evening stroll through the city, going to concerts and dining with friends. So, she saw Rihanna with Weisberg. Apparently, the couple left baby with a babysitter.

      By the way, during the whole period of pregnancy she hid the fact that she is in an interesting position, posting Instagram photos in which she had distinctly rounded belly. The star and her partner prefer not to publicize his personal life.

      Bardot long accustomed to a new country, but now the actress is more and more immersed in American culture.

      “Los Angeles every day is becoming more exciting. I’m starting to meet a lot of new and interesting places. But what’s even nicer, I meet new people who truly become “their”, almost a family. Not know for how long… But rejoice and feel that now, in this day and this moment, this is what you need!” – says Natalia.

      A photo posted by Natalia Bardo (@bardonata) 5 May 2016 12:47 PDT

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