Сергей Сафронов пропустит роды жены из-за гастролей The illusionist is very worried in August, his wife will give him a child, but he is afraid to be in the hospital at such a crucial moment. Sergei Safronov doubts whether he should be with Catherine, and plans to go on tour.
Сергей Сафронов пропустит роды жены из-за гастролей

Illusionist Sergey Safronov in August, will become a father for the third time. From his first marriage with Mary, the 35-year-old magician is the son of Vladimir and daughter Alina. However, the actor admitted that he was not present at the time of birth of older children and now experiencing: it’s the first time going with my wife to be in the hospital.

He is even willing to go out on the road, as is very worried. Sergei turned to the subscribers of his microblog for the tip, should men to be with their wives in such an important day?

“Still, frankly, unusual sensations to be with his wife in the office. How will you imagine what will happen at birth, and generally on a tour I want more. Not in vain the will of fate I missed the birth of Alina and Vova. Maybe now it will blow over? To be at birth or not to be — that is the question,” says Safronov.
Сергей Сафронов пропустит роды жены из-за гастролей

Subscribers also unable to give a definite answer – some thought that men have no place in the hospital, and some would be happy if the spouses would be with them at such a crucial moment.

Sergei and Ekaterina look forward to when they will be born first child. “Today is a beautiful day! We went for a 3D ultrasound. And I first saw the baby! It cannot be described in words. Her friends divided into two camps: some say that my copy, others that Katina. For me, the question of the doctor: “who looks like a child?” I, without hesitation, replied, “child,” — said Safronov.

Сергей Сафронов пропустит роды жены из-за гастролей

Sergey broke up with his wife Maria at the end of December 2016. The pair of them seemed perfect, but in fact, the magician was tired of jealousy and quarrels. In the end, he left the family apartment, and now having a great time with the kids. Ex-wife also has established private life after the divorce – remarried and moved to live in London.

On Catherine the magician drew attention when he realized that celibacy was not for him. Assistant a trio of brothers Safronov at first did not accept the courtship of the artist seriously, especially because just three months before the romance with the illusionist broke up with her lover after five years of relationship.

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