Дочь Дмитрия Маликова ревнует отца к младшему брату Daughter Dmitry Malikov has forced fans to question what in the stellar family is all well. Stesha jealous father to brother, from his controversial signing to one of the joint photographs.
Дочь Дмитрия Маликова ревнует отца к младшему брату

In January 2018 Dmitry Malikov has surprised fans with the unexpected news that he again became a father. It turns out that 48-year-old musician has long dreamed of having a son, so he and his wife turned to a surrogate mother.

18-year-old daughter of star pair Stephanie is very supportive of parents. She wrote a touching post about the importance of close relations in the family. However, recently one of the comments the girls made fans doubt on the sincerity of her words about the little brother.

The fact that Dmitry Malikov is ambiguously signed a joint photo with her daughter from the Tretyakov gallery that clearly did not like the Stesha.

“Kultpohod with my daughter to the Museum. What could be better? Only son to the football,” said the actor.
Дочь Дмитрия Маликова ревнует отца к младшему брату

Stephanie immediately responded to a post of the father on Instagram. “It’s a shame,” wrote the girl, accompanied by a comment a sad smile.

Fans were quick to condemn Malikov for the desire to compare kids. In their opinion, the singer should be careful in their comments, because 18-year-old Stefania and so probably suffers from lack of attention. Now the successor of the famous name of studying in MGIMO, along the way, doing creative work, and actively blogging on Instagram. The number of subscribers is rapidly increasing, and now totals more than 500 thousand people.

Was not liked by the fans and the background, which was photographed father and daughter. The fact that they acted on the background of the famous creepy paintings of Vasily Vereshchagin’s “Apotheosis of war”.

However Malikov tries not to pay attention to those negative comments, which are always flying about him. The actor is clearly enjoying the Association of like with a grown daughter and young son.

He was so inspired of late fatherhood, even removed the six-month Mark in one of his last clips. The wife of singer and is trying to meet with the kid all free time, leaving in a drawer out and working the event.

The whole truth about the son of Dmitry Malikov from a surrogate mother

Earlier, Malik told me that long dreamed of the heir, who could pass his famous name.

“I am very happy. It has been well said that every man should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. I really wanted an heir. I have a wonderful daughter, I love her very much, but she will get married and will wear another name. And I really wanted to continue the race Malkovich”, — shared her emotions the artist.

Fans hope that with time, Joe will learn to give equal amount of time and an older daughter and younger son. In the meantime, they suggest Stephanie to be patient, because in the next couple of years favorite of celebrity parents would be a small mark.