Дочь Любови Тихомировой растет ее абсолютной копией
Three-year-old sugar has inherited beauty from her mother.

Дочь Любови Тихомировой растет ее абсолютной копией

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The day of family, love and fidelity Lyubov Tikhomirova noted unusual: the actress did a photo shoot with her mother, her beloved husband and three year old daughter. And only now, two days later, the star shared a touching footage with fans.

Fans noticed that the sugar, which in early fall will be four years, growing an exact copy of her famous mother. Eyes, oval face, smile — all of my mother’s. Just a hair lighter. However Luba herself in the child, too, was not such a hot Brunet, as it is now, so maybe the girl will eventually darken.

Despite the fact that the sugar is still quite a few years, the parents have already decided what profession she will have to get creative. From an early age a Love and her husband Laszlo instill her love of music and singing.

Even when she was not two years, but every day taught my daughter the song, and the learning outcomes Tikhomirov recorded. “In the classroom the main thing — the regularity! Then the result”, — said Tikhomirov. Now Lubava can without exaggeration be called a singer! She even gave solo concerts!

By the way, the actress and her husband, too, have become a musical Duo quite unexpectedly. It all started with family films. Luba and Laszlo take pictures of daughter and each other — their archive includes more than ten thousand pictures. “My husband and I decided to make this material family videos, — said Lyuba. — I a few weeks spent in order to select the best photo and video for installation.

Then with Laszlo entered the Studio and recorded a few songs. Friends were surprised — they say, why are you wasting this much time? I replied, “And what else to spend it?!” The first was ready wedding video, and the heroine of the next two was daughter. Once at a festival, the couple was asked to sing, and it turned out that they have a professional soundtrack, and stunning visuals. Now Luba with Laszlo invited to give concerts.