Сергей Сафронов после развода купил квартиру за 8 миллионов Host of “Battle of psychics” making the repairs. Sergei Safronov soon going to move to a new home. Now the man is acquiring new furniture and tries to do everything, that the house was cozy and comfortable.
Сергей Сафронов после развода купил квартиру за 8 миллионов

A month ago the illusionist purchased apartments in the North-West of the capital. Now Safronov finishes to carry there belongings from the rented apartment and the one before last December, shared with wife Mary. The couple broke up by mutual consent, and all marital property host of “Battle of psychics” left the family.

“The living space picked up long – says “StarHit” Sergey. – Stopped at the company, which did a good discount. One-bedroom apartment of 74 sqm cost about ten million, but in the end bought it for eight. Immediately pay the whole amount could not have a mortgage. Now live not far from Planernaya metro station periodically takes the subway, not to stand in traffic jams. By the way, in the area I grew up, all the neighborhood know, and where my parents live. With them, I always go to visit them”.
Сергей Сафронов после развода купил квартиру за 8 миллионов

Repairs in the apartment Safronova is not finished. Sergey was personally involved in the development of interior design.

Сергей Сафронов после развода купил квартиру за 8 миллионов“Once I decided – I want more light, says the presenter. – Past experience I know that dark shades – not the best option. Bought a lot of furniture in milky tones, home theater is a big TV and powerful speakers. Now I will review your collection of movies on DVD that are not on sale in Russia. And when you arrive Masha and the children from Bulgaria, will invite them to the guests!”
Сергей Сафронов после развода купил квартиру за 8 миллионов

Despite the fact that Safronov was separated from his wife, they have maintained a warm relationship to each other for the common heirs – son Vladimir and daughter Alina. Sergei told “StarHit” what was the cause of the rupture with his wife. He knew that Mary was hard to put up with his busy life. The man often was away from home for tours and performances. Sergei Safronov about breaking up with his wife: “For me it was a surprise”

“We were constantly on the move, little time spent together, – shared with “StarHit” Sergey. Communication was mainly by phone, but even so we managed to quarrel. Masha constantly thought I was cheating on her. Every time I comforted her, explained that all that she invented. And lived from case to case.”