Анастасия Волочкова рассказала, на что люди готовы пойти ради нее
The ballerina reminded that she is a believer.


Photo: archive “7 days”

Than Anastasia Volochkova not shocked, not touched and
not irritate their fans. It was, perhaps, all the scandals because of jealousy, misunderstanding and
envy, provocative photos
which Volochkova posing in immodest poses, or even almost without clothes.

This time
star again loudly made itself felt, but no vulgarity in the actions of well-known dancers were not. On the contrary, Volochkova shows
their religiosity, demonstrating humility and naivety.

In Greece Anastasia chose the icon, which was specially written for two before the arrival of the controversial
ballerina. “An incredible miracle… Good
representatives of the company-tour operator the day before yesterday arranged for me
journey to the historic island of Corfu. The path was not easy. Only
what I asked is about whether it is possible to find the icon of the Holy Martyr Ariadne?….
For my daughter. This is a rare icon, — said Volochkova. But brought me to the airport, and I cried
one caveat. The fact that especially for my daughter, the icon of the Holy
Ariadne wrote in the monastery of St. Anastasia for two days. Here are the people!”