Сара Джессика Паркер внезапно изменила имидж
Fans hardly recognized the actress.

Сара Джессика Паркер внезапно изменила имидж

Sarah Jessica Parker


Passers-by gathered in Time’s Square in new York to watch the filming
the movie, was intrigued by the appearance of
a striking actress with petite physique, Golden hair, elegantly
moving down the street in a shiny cocktail dress and sandals with high heels. In the end
all, they had great difficulty recognized her as Sarah Jessica Parker, wife of actor Matthew Broderick.

To know Sarah was really difficult.
First, for the sake of the film, she gave up her traditional hairstyles — long hair. 52-year-old Parker to try
“Kara” and, moreover, radically changed her hair, becoming
Golden-haired blonde. Besides, usually more than thin actress apparently specifically
for a role, gained a bit of weight.

These changes in your image Sarah
decided for a new project — romantic film “the Best day of my life.”
In this movie Sarah will play the role of jazz singer. According to the scenario, the heroine
actress suddenly finds out about your health is something that absolutely turns
her life. Meanwhile, the character played by Sarah Jessica, while not
can give up their previous commitments — she signed up to do
concert tour and continues to prepare for …

Reportedly, in addition to Parker, the film employed
and other famous actors — Renee Zellweger, Isabella Rossellini and Taylor Kinney, ex — boyfriend of lady Gaga. About exactly when the audience will be able to see this movie.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Photo: Instagram.com