Сергей Кристовский тайно женился Member of the band Uma2Rman combined knot with actress Natalia Zemtsova. The celebration took place a week ago, but this became known only now. After the wedding, Sergei Kristovskiy and his fiancee went with friends to Spain.

      Сергей Кристовский тайно женился

      Bass guitarist Uma2Rman Sergey Kristovskiy were combined by marriage with the actress, memorable in the series “the Eighties”, Natalia Zemtsova. Lovers prefer not to advertise the wedding, so I just registered the relations in the registry office and flew abroad. The musician and his fiancee in the company of friends went to Spain, in Marbella, where he continued his feast.

      Zemtsova was posted in social networks photos with guests. In the company of friends she enjoys fun on the beach, relaxing at a local Spa center and try local cuisine. Photos of Sergey and Natalia not showing, probably wanting to avoid unnecessary gossip.

      A few months reporters saw the star couple together at a party. A number of publications then wrote that for the sake of Natalia Sergei left his wife and four children. Musician and actress did not comment on such rumors.

      According to Kristovsky, it was hard for him to decide to leave the family. “Without Natasha could not, and could not get away from the kids, from my family, so back and forth,” – said Sergey. The musician realized that his marriage to the mother of four children can not be saved. “Now I am very worried about this and all my free time trying to give the children,” said Kristovskiy. The musician grow three wonderful sons, Vladislav, Eugene and Ilya, and a daughter Alice.

      Сергей Кристовский тайно женился

      About the relationship of Natalia and Sergey became known in 2015. 45-year-old lead singer of a rock band and a 28-year-old actress arrived in Sochi on the ice hockey tournament among Amateur teams Night hockey League – 2015″. Then the media was able to learn that Natasha and Sergei a son Ivan, who was born in 2014. “Nine-month-old son Vanya we left the house. Natasha energizes me when he is in the stands. Thanks to her I have changed, began to go to the gym, the pool,” explained Kristovskiy one of the publications.

      Young son, the parents gradually accustom in sports. In my year and a half Ivan already knows chess and knows how to ride a bike. Natalie takes son for Jogging and sometimes for a workout in the fitness club.

      By the way, about the pregnancy of the star of the series “Eighties” for a long time nobody knew. In the seventh month, she starred in the film, and experienced costume designers customized the outfits to her interesting position was transparent to the audience. When Natalia realized that he could make a break in work, she decided to radically change the image of the actress made a short cut. Loved her new hairstyle, but after a while she had to grow back my hair for the filming of new projects.

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