Наталья Фриске: «У Шепелева не может быть романа с подругой Жанны» An open letter to the TV presenter sparked rumors of his possible fiancee. The appeal to Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev has mentioned about a certain woman who helped him overcome a deep depression after the death of the singer.

      Наталья Фриске: «У Шепелева не может быть романа с подругой Жанны»

      After the anniversary of the death of Jeanne Friske appeared in the press a letter to Dmitry Shepelev dedicated to the departed singer, there were rumors about a new beloved master. I must say that the showman himself prepared the ground for gossip. He mentioned in the text about the stranger, who was next to him in the most difficult moments. From the letter Shepeleva indicate that a woman felt for him certain feelings, but her reciprocity to achieve and failed.

      Dmitry Shepelev in a letter to Jeanne Friske: “I am once again frustrated, accusing you that left me betrayed”

      Some people from the environment of Dmitry immediately assumed that the mysterious lady helped him and the facilitator could be a friend of Jeanne Friske Oksana Stepanova. Supposedly a woman and after the death of the singer continued to visit the on-air talent, helping him to raise her son Plato.

      As it turned out, no romantic relationship between close friends Jeanne can not be. Sister of the singer Natalia Friske has confirmed this fact.

      “All this is nonsense. Xenia married for many years. She has a son and even a grandson”, – said the “StarHit” Natalia.

      Mother Zhanna Friske: first detailed story about the illness of the daughter

      We will remind, according to the letter, published in the open source Shepelev, over the years he has tried to cope with the pain. Attempts to Dmitry not to think about the tragedy only led to a deep reflection and anguish. The presenter of the show “property of Republic” revealed the secret that all this time beside him was a woman who wanted to save him from despair and to help get out of depression. But Dmitry could not come to terms with this and kept coming back to the past where he and Jeanne were happy together. For this reason, to reciprocate and to love another woman, he could not. Meanwhile, Shepelev with tenderness speaks about the mysterious lady.

      “All year my only companion was unfamiliar to me before the people, – said Dmitry. – It’s the only thing dared to be beside me and share this terrible time. How it was important for me that after so many years finally care about me. As it was important, and I can give love and care. I’m probably supposed to like, but I couldn’t. After all, still living in the past, what a pity. And still thanks to her, my only angel, my gentle Savior.”

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