Alexei Vorobyov told about the intimacy with the finalists of “the Bachelor”

Алексей Воробьев рассказал об интимной близости с финалистками «Холостяка» The artist explained that during the entire three months he was always with them, so never restrain desires and emotions on the set. Vorobyov admitted that he had sex with participating in the project.

      Алексей Воробьев рассказал об интимной близости с финалистками «Холостяка»

      Alexei Vorobyov could not choose their only on the show “the Bachelor.” The actor admits that it is not felt from any of the participating of the love he was looking for. That is why after the show Alex chose not to continue dialogue with the finalists Yana Anosov and Natalia Gorohovoj, as they all have said to each other on the last date. Why Alexei Vorobyov did not choose on the Bachelor

      In several episodes of “the Bachelor” sparrows would be alone with the girls for the night and closed from the operators of the channel. Many were concerned whether the artist’s intimacy with Alla Berger and Jana Anosov on the project or is it a tricky idea of the crew.

      “Play” I only in the movies, and on behalf of their heroes. Here I acted on his behalf, and the main condition for a lot of participation was complete freedom and the opportunity to be myself, and not to represent the project “romantic minimising the bachelor.” So in those moments when I was with the girls alone, was something that happens between a man and woman who stay together and have mutual passion. For a project at this point and with these girls it would have been exactly the same,” admitted Alex.
      Алексей Воробьев рассказал об интимной близости с финалистками «Холостяка»

      The singer does not regret that participated in the project. According to him, the show has shown him that the feelings must be mutual. Alex believes that participating in the project was more important to win than to have real feelings for him. The actor notes that during the shooting of “the Bachelor,” he learned real experience. “These three months passed in this emotional degree that I still haven’t recovered… I think I’m mentally even after a stroke recovered faster…” – said Vorobyov.

      Finalist of “the Bachelor,” Yana on Facebook: “We met with Alex”

      Alex realizes that the audience hoped that the show will end with a wedding, and everyone will be happy. However, for the artist, the project was a real life, in which he could not fool himself and the girls.

      “I know what the audience wanted to see a story with a happy ending, but believe me, I wanted her much more than the millions of people who 13 weeks watching my life. I’m just not one who throws words to the wind. I can’t to deceive anyone, especially yourself. Know that love is hard, but it does not mean that there is on this earth women who will love me the way I am with all my advantages and disadvantages. I just don’t want to love for two, in my life it was, and to anything good has not resulted” – said the artist.
      Алексей Воробьев рассказал об интимной близости с финалистками «Холостяка»

      Alex initially went to the project, as at one point, realized that can not live only for their goals, he needs a companion. However, at the end of the show, the man has not handed the ring to one of the finalists, because she was afraid to make a mistake. According to the artist, the girls on the project were obsessed with winning, rather than trying to develop feelings for him. “The desire to become the winner of the show “the Bachelor” contestants was more important than anything else. But “the Bachelor” with my participation – this is not a contest that you can win. “The bachelor” with me was about whether two people mutually feel what I feel man and woman, when they share a mutual vibration, based not only on passion,” said Alex.

      Finalist of “the Bachelor,” Natalia Garaganova: “I shouted that I don’t love him”

      The artist is not discouraged and hopes that soon he’ll meet his darling. Singer believes that the destiny will present to him a girl with whom he breaks out of mutual feelings.

      “After such a rigorous experiment on myself, as “the Bachelor”, I am sure that all will happen by itself. Waiting for a miracle, as silly and ridiculous as it may sound. I don’t care how we fit together. No matter where she is, what he does and what he wants. It is important that for each other we have oxygen,” – said Alexey in an interview

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