Анна Плетнева родила девочку The soloist of group “Vintage” stunned fans with an unexpected announcement. Anna Pletneva has published in his microblog photo with a gynecological chair with the baby in his hands, and in the caption he shared the happy news.

      Анна Плетнева родила девочку

      The soloist of group “Vintage” has shocked his fans with unexpected news. Anna Pletneva has published a photo in which she is depicted on the gynecological chair, presumably after childbirth. On hand the singer holds a newborn baby. Next to her stands the father of the child. “Girl!” signed photograph of the star.

      Needless to say that the singer’s fans were shocked by the happy news. The fact that Anna had not filed any signs of pregnancy in the last photos in Instagram.

      By the way, many young mothers to hide the interesting position. The girls even published in social networks pictures of many months ago, passing them off as new. This is done so that no one guessed that in fact they have a tummy. So fans of Anna easy to believe that she gave birth to the fourth child.

      “Oh, I saw Anna a month ago. Hmm… No hint of a tummy… Accept my sincere congratulations”, “come on! I went to Wikipedia and was stunned, you have three children? And now four? Even if this is a joke, I’m still in complete shock and awe of your figure and your career!”, “Anna, my heartfelt congratulations! Health to you and your baby”, “Congratulations! So unexpectedly, let all be well,” wrote the fans of the stars.

      Pletnev did not mislead subscribers to his microblog and revealed the secret of “pregnancy”. After the photo she has posted a video that shows that scene with the baby – only episode of the new video “Vintage”.

      “Thank you, my children, for the congratulations! Each clip is a little labor! Baby wait for September”, signed movie singer.

      Interestingly, this is not the only example, when Anna was acting a little outrageous. So, she often chooses for performances and filming provocative outfits that enter into a stupor the public. In addition, on stage and while recording a music video Pletnev allows itself to ambiguous behavior.

      It should be noted that while in life, the singer behaves quite differently. She is the mother of three children and an exemplary wife. The soloist of group “Vintage” justified.

      Video posted by Anna Pletneva Panel Vintage (@vintage_rus) Jun 22, 2016 at 5:04 PDT

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