Сенсация: бывший агент МИ-5 взял на себя ответственность за смерть принцессы Дианы
Terminally ill intelligence officer retired made a sensational recognition.

Princess Diana


Although Princess Diana
tragically died 20 years ago, the mystery
her death is still of concern to all who loved the ex-wife of Prince Charles. On
recently, new information regarding the circumstances of her death. About
this informed the reporter of the website neonnettle.com.

80-year-old John
Hopkins asserts that he is an officer of the British secret service MI-5 in
retirement, contacted the reporter of the above-mentioned website in order to facilitate their
conscience. John stated that he is terminally ill, he left to live at all
long. And before his death he decided to repent in the act who believes that his
the most serious sin: Hopkins reported that he is guilty of the death of Diana.

“I’m just
performed the tasks of my commanders. By order of eliminated people, representing
a direct threat to national security. I gave the oath and just do not
have the right not to obey the instructions of my superiors. I only killed 23 people. But Diana was the only
a woman among my victims,” he said

“I was very
it is a pity to kill this beautiful woman. But I was told that it was going to take
from Britain both princes (William and Harry), and allow this to happen was by no means
case impossible. Order to eliminate Diana came directly from Prince
Philip, husband of Queen…” — says the scout retired.

When a reporter asked
at Hopkins, why didn’t he disclose this information before, he replied that not
wanted to use this at least to go to jail, and even death. “Now I
dare to talk about it because I already care about what I will do: I will die!” he said.