Настасья Самбурская шокировала образом на открытии кинофестиваля
The actress appeared on the red carpet in an outfit resembling the costume of BDSM.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Nastasya Samburski has attracted worldwide attention, choosing for opening ceremony
Moscow international film festival the original image. Nastasia appeared
on the red carpet in a formfitting jumpsuit that resembled a costume in the style of BDSM.

I wonder
what lacquer outfit the actress wears for the first time. This is where the star leads of the show “General cleaning” on the channel “Friday!”. A
noted that such an aggressive style of dress is extremely Samburski and
underlines her perfect figure.

Many believe that the secret to a perfect physical form
the stars are not only healthy lifestyles, but that her work schedule
became too congested, and she can’t afford to relax. In addition to performances in
theatre requiring even daily rehearsals, she recently became the host immediately
two television programs. In addition to “Cleaning”, Samburski is a culinary column in
show “Friday morning”. In addition, she is actively involved in writing new songs under
the guidance of his producer Victor Drobysh. And recently, Nastassja announced
that the upcoming summer will hold. “I realized that this summer, without
home away from home. Will not photo
in a swimsuit… with a cocktail on a lounger with a five-meter pareo on
the beach, on a donut in the pool with legs in the warm sand. Will not tan. But
is happy old age! And a servant with a glass of water!” — she wrote.