Сенсация: бывший бойфренд Эмбер Херд заявил, что она беременна!
The actress wants to protect their unborn child from her husband, a bully.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Splash News/East news

As reported by well-known overseas edition of “In Touch” that its reporters managed to
sensational information: amber heard, is allegedly expecting a baby!

Said former boyfriend heard — actor Mark
Wystrach. “Amber and I met several years ago and since then supported
constant contact. When I met up with her a couple of weeks ago, she admitted
that is expecting a baby!” — he told the reporter of the publication.

They say that johnny Depp didn’t want a child. After all, he had already
has two adult children — 14-year-old Lily-rose and 11-year-old Jack from his
civil wife Vanessa Paradis, whom he abandoned for the sake of the herd. A 27-year-old amber,
on the contrary, dreamed of becoming a mother. This issue has become a source of constant conflict
between them — even before Depp has acquired the habit to beat his wife. And now, when, according to mark, amber
managed to get pregnant, she could not endanger the life
of their unborn child. Otherwise, she might have suffered would
the behavior of your husband and farther, hoping that he “corrected”…

Incidentally, if the information provided by former
boyfriend heard is true, then amber appears a significant advantage in its
litigation with Depp. Of course, a little strange that she had not told about her “interesting
the position immediately to suppress all attempts of the lawyers johnny her
to discredit. Although perhaps amber was saving this “trump card” to
use it at the crucial moment.

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