Эксклюзив: Илья Бачурин представил свою подругу
At the festival “Kinotavr” Director of the company “GLAVKINO” appeared together with a charming companion.

Adele and Ilya Bachurin

Photo: Philip Goncharov

After 46-year-old Ilya Bachurin and 35-year-old Ravshan Kurkova announced their separation, the media attention was focused on every woman who was surrounded by one of the most enviable grooms of the country. A few days ago at the opening of the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi, a Director of the company “GLAVKINO” appeared in isolation. Which, however, did not last long… the reason for the sensation became last night when the premiere of the film by Kirill Serebrennikov “the Apprentice,” Elias appeared on the red carpet at the Winter theatre, accompanied by beautiful ladies.

Bachurin has submitted 7days.ru his companion. Her name is Adele, she is a singer and acts in the fashionable neo-pop rock band NEOPOLEON. It is clear that hearing the name of the charming girl, to mind immediately comes to a comparison with her namesake Adele from the UK. Bachurin laughs and says that his companion is no less powerful potential than the winner of various awards in the music world. And soon the name of the Russian Adele, too, will become very famous.

Recall that the parting with Bachurina Kurkovas became known in late April. Their romance lasted for almost five years and this pair is rightly called one of the most beautiful in our cinema. News first with friends shared Ravshan, when he was in Omsk at the festival “Movement”. The actress says that despite the gap, they state planning Committee Bachurin remained close friends and continue to communicate.

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