5 Russian songs that everyone knows

5 русских песен, которые знают все
The portal 7days.ru talks about how the light come in most folk songs.

Moscow nights

5 русских песен, которые знают все

but the most popular song of the XX
— “Moscow nights” ever never see the light. A favorite of many
generations work, which, incidentally, is listed in the Guinness book of records
Guinness, as most performed song, was the author of “the unwanted child”.

Story written by composer Vasily Solovyov-Sedoy text of “Moscow nights” began in 1953. He was a native of Leningrad, the song was originally called “Leningrad nights”, but the author’s own creation is not liked, and he put written text to the back burner.

5 русских песен, которые знают все

Mark Bernes

For two years he had not thought about composed the music, while he and poet Matusovskogo not instructed to write lyrical music for the film “days of Spartakiade”. It was a summer night, Vasily rested at the cottage, it was hot and work the composer did not want. Usually such custom alicantina quickly forgotten, so that incentive to work very hard he never had. Then he remembered once written and put away in the box notes “the Leningrad evenings”. To music suited to the film, changed the title and slightly altered the text. The arts Council song is not liked, but accepted it because nothing else on the timing to do it just not had time.

To sing a song first instructed Mark Bernes, but that reading the long text above him laughed, and then completely refused, saying that the lyrics are worthless. As later regretted, because the actor of the Moscow art theater Vladimir Troshin song became a hit. Surprisingly, the composer, his creation did not love. He openly laughed when he was praised for primitive, in his opinion, the song “Moscow nights”.

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