Princess Charlotte was the star of the Queen’s birthday

Принцесса Шарлотта стала звездой дня рождения королевы
The young Princess eclipsed and the birthday girl, and brother.

Принцесса Шарлотта стала звездой дня рождения королевы

Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cambridge with children, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II


In London yesterday at the parade dedicated to the celebration
birthday of Elizabeth II,
the lion’s share of public attention was confined to the two youngest members
of the Royal family. The appearance on the balcony of the Royal Palace of Prince George
and Princess Charlotte caused no less a revival gathered in the square the crowd
what out for the birthday girl.

All felt that the debut of the young Princess, who first took
participation in the celebration of this magnitude, was just brilliant. Charlotte to your
the pink dress radiant smile in the arms of the mother — Duchess of Cambridge — was simply irresistible. And when the Princess, which in early may turned
year, cute waved to the crowd in the square subject of her grandmother handle the crowd
came to a complete delight.

Принцесса Шарлотта стала звездой дня рождения королевы

The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte


Incidentally, on the same parade last year, no less success enjoyed in Prince George. But this time, it clearly overshadowed by the little sister. Besides, yesterday almost three-year-old Prince (is his birthday the end of July) was clearly not in the spirit. He smiled a couple of times the audience, but almost all the rest stood with a disgruntled grimace on her face. George perked up only when the Palace flew the planes that became the culmination of the parade.

Prince William with son George, 2015

Photo: Getty Images Russia

As for the Elizabeth, she, dressed in a dress of cheerful bright green color and matched with a matching hat, looked happy. Recall: although actually, the Queen’s birthday falls on 21 April, the main celebrations, according to tradition, carried out in June, and they continue for three days. On the first day — on Friday held a festive service in the Cathedral of St. Paul in honor of the Queen. Yesterday’s celebration included a parade of troops, including cavalry (especially for Elizabeth, a great lover of horses) and aviation. And tonight will be a Grand Banquet in honor of the Queen in the biggest shopping center in London for 10 thousand people! It is expected that the event will be attended by all adult members of the Royal family.

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