Semyon Slepakov was supported by the Russian players

Семен Слепаков поддержал российских футболистов Some time ago, the resident of Comedy Club ridiculed the chances of winning Russian team at the world Cup in 2018. And the artist kind of apologized to the athletes, calling them the new song “Champions”.
Семен Слепаков поддержал российских футболистов

The artist has published on its YouTube channel the video for the song called “Champions”, performed with the group “Leningrad”. The song dedicated to the Russian national football team and is a kind of apology by Slepakova for the song “OLE-OLE-OLE,” in which the showman highly doubted the capabilities of the athletes from their native country.Now Slepakov hopes that players from Russia will be able to surprise their fans, because suddenly the showman the world Cup started with a very good results of the team.

A few hours working on a video Slepakova and group “Leningrad” has garnered over 300 thousand views, and every minute this number is steadily increasing. Many netizens praised this song and left under the video encouraging comments: “Bravo! Liked!”, “Well done, thank you for the song”, “have Fun, guys!”. Someone even asked: “is Not Ramzan Kadyrov accidentally wrote the lyrics of the song?”. Seeds Slepakova forced to publicly apologize for the song about the national team of Russia

“You are now our heroes, you bow hitting people,” apparently, after the victories of the Russian players at the world Cup he changed his opinion about them the better.

We will remind, in the song “Ola-Ola-Ola” Sergey Slepakov presented the coach of the national team of Russia on football the head of the Chechen Republic, but even he, according to the showman, couldn’t help athletes win. Kadyrov is largely evaluated the creativity of the resident of Comedy Club, but remained dissatisfied with some aspects. In the end, the head of the Chechen Republic invited Slepakova for writing new songs.

“But the only one hurt, despite what Simon thinks of me as a panacea, yet in his song the team led by me lost. This disorder. Invite Seeds Slepakova to Ivan, to write a new song. But our guys-players must pay tribute – until we train the humor, they train the will to win. Now before the Championship they need our support. And I have not lost faith in victory, and a sense of humor, too”, – said Kadyrov to the public.

And if Kadyrov reacted to the work of the showman condescending, many were quick to criticize the “black humor” Seeds. Minister of the Chechen Republic for national policy, external relations, press and information Dzhambulat Umarov called on the resident of Comedy Club to apologize: to the Russian national football team, Ramzan Kadyrov.

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