Karina Mishulina tested on the lie detector

Карина Мишулина прошла проверку на детекторе лжи The daughter of a famous actor continues to fight for the truth and against the supposed half-brother of Timur Eremeeva. Karina Mishulina has taken unprecedented steps and has passed a polygraph test.
Карина Мишулина прошла проверку на детекторе лжи

Last year, actor Timur Eremeev gave an interview in which he said that he was the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. The family of the actor does not recognize the kinship, and daughter Karina struggled defending the honor of his father.

To get detractors to shut up, Karina took a bold step and actually became the initiator of check on a lie detector under the gun cameras of the program “New Russian sensations”. Mishulina that because of this scandal, lost his job, had almost no friends and support, wants to prove its truth – Yeremeyev can’t be her brother, she knew nothing about him. The artist even could not imagine that her father may be having an affair.

“My dad couldn’t sleep with the cleaner… I didn’t know Yeremeyev, even in thoughts could not assume that the Pope had to go to bed. We are so eager, so active, go to the end, only because we know the truth because the facts have proof of their lies and slander,” said Karina.
Карина Мишулина прошла проверку на детекторе лжи

During testing, Karina struggled trying to be calm, but some particularly sensitive issues still caused mixed reactions of her body, heartbeat quickened, breath was lost. Specialist polygraph drew attention to this controversy, but said that in principle the mere mention of the names Eremeevich causes of Mishulin stress and a state of near hysteria. Husband Karina, John confirms: “of Course she had a nervous breakdown.”

It happened when he published the results of DNA testing confirmed the relationship Timur Eremeeva and Michelini. But a positive test does not put an end to this story. Mishulin challenged examination and spent his sending the famous suit of Carlson in America.

“I could believe in the fact of a biological relationship, but other than that… If so, I have to admit that my life just wasn’t living. And then from America, the response is that of living bio-suit is not found and can not be… Then, where did you get DNA?” says Karina Mishulina.
Карина Мишулина прошла проверку на детекторе лжи

Karina is convinced that her father loved her mother and could not cheat. She told how her dad made Valentina Konstantinovna to leave work so often to be together, as he hurried home, how did not go without it to visit. The widow of Spartaka Mishulina still very upset about leaving her beloved husband. And the scandal with the alleged illegitimate child, according to Valentina of Mishulin, took her latest health.

“Thirteen years have passed since he died… not a day goes by that we don’t think about how we miss him. I’m all sore, my teeth crumbled, sugar went through the roof, I’m afraid to go to the doctor, suddenly insulin go to jail. I have nor one day nor one night was not without tears… to Whom I did wrong to me that you mock? For what? What they want from us?” says the widow of Spartaka Mishulina.