Семен Фролов из «Дома-2» женился The wedding took place in Seychelles. Chosen Seeds Frolov became Ruslan Mishin. In the morning he had proposed to his beloved, and in the afternoon they became husband and wife. In honor of the wife of Simon sang at the wedding of their famous hit “All women as women, and my goddess.

      On the project “House-2” held a joyful event. Their relationship has drawn up another couple – semen Frolov and Ruslan Mishin. The wedding was held in the Seychelles and in accordance with local traditions and laws. However, the marriage was on the Islands, Russia has no legal force, but this fact can not affect the state of euphoria, in which dwell the happy newlyweds. Especially, of course, the bride. It Ruslan Mishin said the good news about the happy changes in their lives to subscribers microblog.

      “We got married in the Seychelles customs. Now we have a marriage certificate! Thank you, Sam, it was the most memorable day. And we’re happy!”, – wrote Ruslan Mishin.

      It should be noted that the proposal Semyon Frolov made in the morning and in the afternoon took place the marriage ceremony.

      Subscribers Mishina rushed to congratulate her with semen with important changes in life. In addition to the nice words, Ruslana was addressed to the Soviets to respect the husband and not to arrange hysterics and scandals for any reason. Fans of the reality show “Dom-2” are sure to preserve relations with Semyon Frolov, Ruslan Misha’s need to keep a tight rein on their emotions and then it will be her happiness.

      In honor of his beloved wife’s new husband performed their famous hit “All women as women, and my goddess. Semen was accompanied by local musicians. The next day after the wedding, the couple left the Seychelles to go to Moscow. By the way, very soon on the island should be another marriage. At the end of the week Olga Rapunzel said Yes to a marriage proposal, which she did Dmitry Dmitrienko.

      Recall, semen Frolov returned to the project “Dom-2”, which he left seven years ago, at the beginning of this year. Forgotten participants “House-2”: what is remembered and where are they now

      For the first time also viewers saw the Seeds in June 2007 in a fur cap and with an accordion in his hands – this guy showed up at the place of execution. However, the project he came not only for self-promotion, the purpose of Frolova were in a relationship. And he tried to build with the sultry brunette by Elena Buchenau. Simon arranged for his sweetheart beautiful Dating, gave flowers and serenading. Everything changed after the victory of the guy in the contest “Host “House-2”. On the Seeds turned almost all the participants of the reality show, and Elena Bushina it is not supported. In the end, Frolov left the telestroke went to Goa and began work. Well, then again returned to the “House-2” and tried to build relationships with Ruslana Mishina.


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