Иосиф Пригожин перестал общаться с дочерью после скандала на «Доме-2» According to Dan, the father even asked her to change the name. 19-year-old heir to a famous producer regrets that to establish relations with the Pope are not succeeding. Joseph Prigogine in the hearts of her daughter said that she is a disgrace to the whole race.

      Иосиф Пригожин перестал общаться с дочерью после скандала на «Доме-2»

      Not so long ago in the family of Danae Prigoginei sparked another conflict. The daughter of a famous producer showed up on the set of the TV project “Dom-2” and declared intention to find love. Then leased voted six members of the nine, which allowed her to continue to participate in a reality show.

      However, she unexpectedly left the project. Later it turned out that this was due to the reaction environment and bad feeling. And the sixth sense had not deceived her. Upon learning that Dana came to the House 2″, Iosif Prigozhin reacted very negatively.

      “I know what “House-2”, – shared with “StarHit” Danae Prigogine. – Honestly, I went there for PR and promotion. Moreover, the Pope to me is not helping. Here and decided on their own to get through. But when the father found out about this after recording the broadcast, then called me and cursed. He said I was a disgrace to the whole race, that he was such a daughter do not need. But in the end was advised to change the name. I’m really offended. He’s the producer, versed in PR… Well, would have helped then! Many friends also began to throw mud, to write nasty things. Dad is now generally won’t talk to me”.
      Иосиф Пригожин перестал общаться с дочерью после скандала на «Доме-2»

      Recall that the ether with Danae Prigogine showed July 18. The girl liked many of the participants and felt the perimeter quite confident. Interestingly, the daughter of a producer is planning to return as soon as telestroke comes to.

      “Given worries about the relationship with my dad for a long time, – said the “StarHit” Prigoginei girlfriend, Katya. – She wants attention. It is not clear where love and pride are gone. I recently predicted that Joseph wrote about the daughter that “every family has its black sheep.” Family in disbelief”.

      Over the past year, Danae has managed to declare itself in several directions. So, for example, she wanted to get rid of excess weight in the project “lose Weight with StarHit”, where she was able to lose 10 pounds. However, to save the result Prigoginei failed – soon she again recovered. “I have failed in the body, and weight went up drastically – shared earlier with “StarHit” the daughter of the producer. For several months I gained 20 pounds! I was hysterical. I even wanted to do liposuction, but daddy says”. The daughter of Joseph Prigogine about family conflict: “it’s Nobody’s fault that it happened”

      Danae went to the doctors, even went to a psychiatrist. The experts have advised to first establish the inner world, continues Prigogine. But what I see in the mirror now is not happy, on the contrary, very frustrating”.

      However, the weight problems do not interfere with Prigoginei in life. She gets higher education and in parallel works as a makeup artist, and in may she won a prize in a beauty contest “Miss Russia”, where the victory was claimed by 24 participants.

      “I just told Dana that I will not be present at the competition – admitted “StarHit” Joseph Prigozhin. Otherwise it would not be fair. I was not the daughter of any patronage. She passed the competitive selection, recorded the song – did it all by myself, without my support! And I am proud of her. I have all my children very much and always happy with their success”.

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