Виктория Дайнеко оправдалась за единственное бикини на отдыхе The singer spent a few days in Montenegro with her husband and daughter. Victoria Daineko a week posing for photos in the same bikini that drew the attention of her fans. But just over a year ago, going on honeymoon to the Maldives, the star put in a suitcase seven swimsuits.

      Singer Victoria Dayneko before he returned to Moscow from Montenegro, where she spent a few wonderful days relaxing with her husband and daughter on the coast of the Adriatic sea. Victoria Dayneko showed the body in a bikini in Montenegro

      The star did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate, in this form it is comes just nine months after the birth of her daughter. Beaches – the best place to show itself in all its glory, and Victoria willingly share their photos in a bikini, showing off a gorgeous figure and receiving in return a portion of compliments. However, some subscribers Dayneko pay attention not only on how well it is composed, but also that the singer is dressed. They were surprised that the star, known for his love of dressing up, a week posed in the same swimsuit black and white.

      Victoria Dayneko these statements hurt, and being in Moscow, she has published a post that came true for only a bikini on holiday, saying that it was her favorite. When the singer demonstrated a new gorgeous photo in it.

      “Well, think of this swimsuit was great. Well, I think, one it is in the photo because favorite. But the sunsets in Montenegro are very beautiful!”, – posted by Victoria Daineko.

      “Cool swimsuit!”, “Everything is beautiful: you and the beach and sunsets. In General, there is this kind of childishness or lack of money in some period people have complexes, just think that needs to change things, not to repeat the photo, support the singer her fans.

      Meanwhile, more recently, in April of last year, going on honeymoon to the Maldives, Cheryl Cole admitted that he was put in a suitcase for seven swimwear, adding that does not like beach holidays.

      It is obvious that family life has changed her preferences. That marriage turned her from the bold and bright girls in a more low-key lady, Cheryl Cole confessed after a couple of months after the wedding. The status of wife and mother dictates the rules and norms of behavior. “Maybe I am married, I became less likely to paint her lips with red lipstick and not so often wear immodest clothes, then commented on your photo in Instagram in a chic floor-length dress Vic. But the red dresses I do not change”.

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