Наливные 3D полы: изюминка ремонта

The 3D effect of the floor always makes an impression. The feeling underfoot is the amazing underwater world with starfish and exotic fish or a blooming lawn. Ornaments, made in the form of 3D impress not less — they create a sense of depth.

Наливные 3D полы: изюминка ремонта

Technology at first glance seem outlandish. Actually, it’s simple. The floor surface is applied to the image which is covered with a transparent top layer of the polymer. The creation of such a surface follows the same principles as the floor-self-leveling type. The only difference in the drawing of the image before casting.

In choosing the image of the customer is not restricted. The picture is applied to the film ORACAL, and it comes out in specialized workshops or printing. When the pattern is filled with a polymer composition, to fix something afterwards.

The advantages of 3D floor

In this unusual decision during the repair is resorted to for the sake of drama. Indeed, 3D floors are a highlight of the situation. Large rooms, they transform into a work of art. Such floors are able to mimic the intricate wood or stone texture.

The multilayered structure is also suitable for small apartments. Competently the image and its colors, you can visually enlarge the room. And most importantly, 3D allows you to create floor accommodation with individual design. After repair of the apartments implies.

Technology allows you to move on the floor surface of your own photos. You can put the image of a favorite place that inspires. In the bedroom of the spouses, for example, it is possible to use a photo of the Park where the couple first met.

What’s in it?

Such 3D floors consists of self-leveling screed, pictures (photos or drawing), transparent two-component polymer and a protective varnish. Also, the sometimes add different decorative “stuff” — figurines, coins, pieces of materials, etc.

Not necessarily to stick the finished image. Some to create a paint with special paints — acrylic and polymer. This method is safer, but more expensive. Because the materials must be resistant to ultraviolet rays. In addition, you have to pay for the work of the artist.

The structure of the coating resembles stone, so the experts rule out caustic odors or fumes. For the same reason, lasting color, smooth surface and Shine. Care is quite simple, because the floor is not affected by dirt, water, chemicals or dust. Floor covering attracts and the fact that it is devoid of almost any seams. To lay a floor can only be on an equal basis. Than the surface smoother, the easier and cheaper it will be to repair.

The choice of pattern

Decorative floors suitable for small apartments, country houses and even villas. The bathrooms look interesting seascapes. For the bedroom should prefer image pastel shades for baby — bright colors and smooth lines. For example, the floor can “settle down” favorite cartoon characters. The Cabinet requires rigor — and in colors, and lines.

These floors are not necessarily turn out perfectly smooth. After drying, the surface masters can give some relief. This job takes several hours. The only drawback surround the floor durability. More precisely, in complex and almost impossible to dismantle. He tenaciously glued to the ground. In the future it is easier to apply another coating on top than to get rid of the old. Warranty period of operation of the floor — 40 years.