Selena Gomez underwent a major surgery

Селена Гомес перенесла серьезную операцию
A friend of the singer gave her his kidney.

Selena Gomez


Recently the 25-year-old
Selena Gomez confessed recently she had to go through a very difficult period,
when she was recovering from major surgery. The fact that, as
he told the singer, she had to undergo a kidney transplant.

“I said I need this
transplantation — because of my illness, lupus. Otherwise, as the doctors explained, I don’t
will be able to improve my health!” — told Selena. Well even
she didn’t have months to wait for their turn to receive a transplant,
since her kidney, she agreed to give her friend. “I can’t find
words that would Express the degree of my appreciation of my amazing, stunning
friend of Francia Risa. She gave me a priceless gift and at the same time
the victim a kidney. How fortunate for me that I have such a friend. I
love you, SIS…”

So those fans
the singer, who wondered lately, where suddenly lost their favorite,
got the answer to your question: she was recovering after surgery. Recall:
that doctors a few years ago discovered she had lupus severe autoimmune
the disease, the singer told
last summer. Because of this, she was even forced to suspend at the time of their
speeches and to go to the clinic for three months. The first time after
the treatment, Selene it seemed that all her health problems
in the past. But it turned out that her optimism was premature. Her again
talo worse – that’s why Gomez had to settle for a kidney transplant…