Children hit home with Larsen faced with death

Дети Тутты Ларсен столкнулись со смертью
Family presenter mourns beloved grandmother.

Children hit home with Larsen — Luke and Martha

Photo: @larsentut Instagram

The family hit home with Larsen happened to the mountain: the presenter died beloved grandmother. The words hit home, death of relatives caught her by surprise. On the eve tutta surrounded by loved ones spent her last journey. Larsen took on the funeral and their children: Luke and Martha. The heirs of the presenter for the first time attended the memorial event.

“Today we buried great-grandmother Tanya. She was 87 years old, she lived a great wonderful life and left suddenly and painlessly in a clear mind, deeply loved by his family. She was able to make friends with kids. Luke and Martha today for the first time was at the funeral.

The bow was fastened, Martha wept heartily and said at the tomb of a very touching speech about what a grandmother in her heart. The day before I discussed the issue with a psychologist, and we decided that this experience will be for the guys. I think the way it is. We are Christians, and for us, physical death is only the beginning of eternal life. This I wanted to convey to children,” shared the tutta. Many fans agreed with Tutta, recognizing that the presence of children at funerals can really be a good life lesson.

We will remind that quite recently, Larsen published a book on pregnancy, birth and the first years of a child’s life. It tutta shared valuable experience of mothers of large families.