Sean Penn will help the son of Madonna

Шон Пенн поможет сыну Мадонны

Hollywood actor and Director Sean Penn was going to help the son of Madonna and guy Ritchie Rocco. It seems unlikely, but 56-year-old artist came to help the son of his ex-wife to overcome drug addiction.

Life Sean Penn were all filled with friendship and battle with the demons. Now the actor is “completely clean and wants to help Rocco not to slip from the righteous path”.
“Rocco depend not only on marijuana. He also uses a lot of alcohol and doing crazy things like jumping off roofs. Sean believes that could help the guy before it’s too late” — said the insider.
Due to the fact that Richie Jr. was arrested for Smoking marijuana, he had a long conversation with the representatives of the Center for troubled Teens about the dangers of drugs, but that’s not all the problems of a young man. The boy’s mother agreed to his stay in London only on condition that he behaves well, attends school, but this Rocco is not specified. Blames the deviant behavior of the son of Madonna, of course, guy Ritchie.
It is reported that the singer is already in talks about how to pick up a raging teenager home.