Tatiana Bulanov announced yet another breakup with her husband

Татьяна Буланова заявила об очередном расставании с супругом The singer is experiencing difficulties in a relationship with Vladislav Radimov. On his page in one of social networks Bulanova thanked the wife for the years we spent in marriage. Fans of the actress have come to the conclusion that she is determined to break up with the player.

      Татьяна Буланова заявила об очередном расставании с супругом

      The singer Tatyana Bulanova said that he had broken up with her husband Vladislav Radimov. Such conclusions can be made on the basis of the publication of the artist in Instagram. In his post, the actress thanked her husband for years together, and told that wants to keep friendly relations with him.

      “Thank you for these 11 years! Yes, there’s a lot of good and some not very, but I am grateful for meeting with you. And know that you are still like family to me and always can count on my help and support in everything!” – shared the Bulanova in social networks.

      Anxious fans of the singer started to ask her what happened. “Broke up? Or I not so understood”, “effort you and stay friends”, “what now?” “Oh,” was discussed by the subscribers of the star. But Tatiana did not answer their questions. Moreover, after some time the celebrity has decided to delete the post, what finally put fans in bewilderment.

      We will remind, some time ago Tatiana have disagreed with the choice. Then a celebrity made the publication in social networks, in which he announced the betrayal of a loved one. “I can’t stand whining and complaining and most likely will delete this post later, but, whether because it’s almost morning, or something. Just a little bit cry in your waistcoat” – he shared the Bulanova. Fans celebrities have decided that it is about her husband. They also suggested that the spouse star cheated on her.

      Later in conversation with journalists Tatyana said that her family really is going through not an easy period. She also did not rule out the possibility that it could end in divorce.

      However, after some time, the couple handled conflicts and arranged a romantic dinner for eleven-year wedding anniversary. Tatiana and Vladislav had a wonderful time at the restaurant and celebrated a memorable date. It happened unexpectedly for all fans of Bulanova. They actively expressed joy on the occasion of the reconciliation of the couple.

      Tatiana Bulanova celebrated their wedding anniversary after infidelity

      Note that in the media earlier there were reports about problems in the relationship Tatyana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov. Gossips claimed that the celebrity husband cheated on her and then begged her forgiveness. However spouses preferred not to give interviews about his personal life. Visit Radimov has not yet appeared comments about the incident. Last picture together with my wife, which put the Radimov, was taken six weeks ago.