Шон Лоу в третий раз стал отцом


Catherine Giudici Lowe and her husband Sean Lowe’s last week for the third time became the parents, they was born the first girl after two boys. Named newborn Princess MIA Mejia.
Catherine Giudici Lowe is celebrating the last week of the decade, already in the status of the mother of three children!
33-year-old participant in last season’s American show “the Bachelor” has shared a series of adorable selfies in your Instagram profile, showing her a beautiful view from the side, before she and her husband first met their daughter MIA Mejia last week and another a week after birth.

Шон Лоу в третий раз стал отцом
Giudici Lowe was dressed almost in the same tandem with his sons and newborn baby: an ensemble consisting of black leggings-capris and black top (long sleeved boys preschool short sleeve mom).
“She escaped!” Giudici Lowe joked about his girl, signed the title of his post, marking it as a “post №1”.
Giudici Lowe announced the birth of his third child December 23, 2019 in one of the cute selfie in Instagram shot on her hospital bed when she clutched to her baby girl.
Proud mother of three children later shared a photo of their children (MIA with her big brothers Isaiah Hendricks, 19 months, and Samuel Thomas, 3 years) with her in a hospital bed, writing: “Christmas this year is a little out of the usual training program of gifts under the Christmas tree or leaving milk and cookies for Santa Claus, but even if possible, we would have changed anything!”.
On Thursday, the 36-year-old Lowe shared a delightful photo of two sons and spouses, staring at their little sister. In the picture Isaiah and Samuel were dressed in white t-shirts that fit under the blanket wrapped around MIA, when they crowded around her and smiled.
“They love her. And like her dad, she’s not confident in them,” Lowe joked in the caption to the photo under the post.

Earlier this year Giudici Lowe announced his desire to lose another 10-15 pounds after the birth of Isaiah in may 2018, saying to followers: “I often forget to eat, and when I remember I don’t make the best choice. It’s not healthy. So I want to approach food choices more consciously.”
“I was born the second child,” she said, explaining that she gained about 40 pounds. during her second pregnancy. “Sean really supports me on the way to losing weight.”
“Useful and correct, the food was the biggest problem for me,” said Lowe. “So easy to order a pizza. And I definitely live the sweet tooth. I’m trying to curb the cravings and lose a little weight”.

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