Тана Монжо о свадьбе с Джейком Полом: «Брачная ночь была адом!»


American Internet personality, musician and model Tana Marie Monjo stated that immediately after the wedding with Jake Floor, she lost herself as a person, and on the wedding night remembers with horror. Tana Monge and Jake Paul got married in August 2019 in Las Vegas, but later it turned out that the ceremony had not gained legal force.
Four months after the birth of their relationship Monge Tana admits that she is not experiencing bliss and past feelings to the newlywed husband, Jake Floor.
On Sunday, the 29th, 21-year-old star opened YouTube in a new video called “the Truth about everything,” about her relationship with 22-year-old Floor and said she was “just not happy”.
“I’m so unhappy with how my relationship with Jake look publicly and I did so much pretending. So it’s my fault,” she said. “I loved Jake, I still love. But I have done so much to be the cool girl, because I wanted to live with this man, and I wanted to see us happy and prosperous”
“I think I’m just invested in Jake so much that I lost myself, and it’s not his fault, and I don’t blame him,” added Monge. “It’s just a reality. I don’t regret it.
Remembering former failed relationship, where she was previously, Monge was thinking about how great were these relations to her Sex and at the beginning of their romance.

Тана Монжо о свадьбе с Джейком Полом: «Брачная ночь была адом!»

“I really enjoyed the time I spent with Jake that I felt like he makes me,” she said. “I loved myself when I was with him, wearing rose-colored glasses”.
However, Monge said he married a second Jake, after that, everything changed”.
“Everything just started to fall apart,” added Monge. “The wedding night was simply hell.”
Monge explained that she did not agree for a honeymoon after her father suffered a stroke in the night of her wedding. She also spoke about the “open relationship” with Paul, which she first told on the show “Zach sang” a month after the wedding.
“I feel that Jake is ready to open relationship, he can have sex with a new partner every night, I don’t blame him in this,” she explained.

“I spent the craziest time in my life with this man, and we were a team, and he made me feel one of the best feelings I have ever experienced as a person, but also some of the worst”, she said. “I feel that should have been much more transparent with him, with yourself, with the world and people around me, but I just couldn’t”, she said.
“I will always be a connection with him, which I never see with anyone else”.
Wedding Monge and Gender played in two months after they started Dating.

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