Кэтти Гриффин вышла замуж за Рэнди Бика: посмотрите на их свадьбу в Нью-Йорке!

Surprise! They got married! 59-year-old American comedienne Kathy Griffin and her partner Randy BICK, who is eight years younger than her, tied the knot your relationship in the New year’s eve and shared a part of the ceremony for their fans!
“With the new year and surprise! We’re married!”, — was the first piece of news shared 59 – year-old Kathy Griffin and 41-year-old Randy BICK, and shared with Twitter followers, in 2020, in a video posted on the social media platform! Katie said that she and her partner for more than eight years has made a huge step in their relationship and decided to get married at a small ceremony in the last few moments of 2019. The pair looked very cute and in love, the moment they showed up: Kathy in a white dress with a black belt and her signature red hair, perfectly manicured. Randy also looked quite solemnly, dressed in a suit and fashionable men’s brooch on the lapel! “You will die, seeing the officer,” shared Katie with their subscribers in the end of the video, before the pair shared their happy faces and danced already in the coming new year!

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Yes, that is the great Lily Tomlin as our officiant and you will enjoy her wife, Jane Wagner, chatting in the background.

Publication from Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) January 1, 2020 at 2:06 PST

But Katie was so right about making your marriage! Leading on the wedding ceremony was none other than nominated for the award “Oscar” actress and comedian Lily Tomlin! “Okay, let’s do this, people,” announced the star of the American Comedy television series “grace and Frankie” created by Howard Morris and Marta Kauffman for “Netflix” at a time while flipping through the binding instructions for the ceremony. “It’s so cute!”, — heard a voice in the background. And it was true!
“We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding ceremony, Randy BICK and Kathy Griffin” — the beginning of the ceremony Lily. Despite the fact that the video showed the whole process, Kathy made a signature for the film, saying: “the Whole ceremony lasted a little less than 14 minutes, but I have to give to show you guys the most important first 75 seconds. LOVE IS A WONDERFUL THING. We promised you an atypical. We’re in love and can’t stop laugh and enjoy it,” she wrote, before thanking Lily for her services, their friend Jane Wagner and, finally, to wish her followers a happy New year!

First official date Randy and Kathy happened in 2011, when the couple attended the event, legendary American singer and songwriter of Cuban-born Gloria Estefan. The couple dated for several years, but in 2018 they briefly broke up. It is obvious that their feelings are stronger than ever, passed all tests! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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