На Ксению Собчак подал в суд известный российский адвокат

На Ксению Собчак подал в суд известный российский адвокат

Famous Russian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak very often in their programs criticizes and offends their colleagues and other well-known personalities. The famous Russian lawyer Mark Feigin had had enough and he filed a lawsuit against the Xenia insults in his address.

Recently Khamovnichesky court of Moscow has accepted the claim from the lawyer, in which he requires the presenter moral compensation in the amount of several hundred thousand rubles. In the same figure it gave their honor and dignity. It is worth noting that at the moment mark is also suing a well-known journalist Anatoliy Shariy.

Anatoly Shary is a colleague Ksenia Sobchak, so he first spoke about the next lawsuit against Mark public figures.

Shary explained to the public that fagin runs into the courtroom every time he hears in his address the nasty comments. The lawyer does not ask for big compensation, the maximum claim on his behalf was received in the amount of 200 thousand rubles. He does it on purpose to win a case and not to inflate the situation a scandal. Anatoly admitted that for him it is small money, so it is easier to pay them and continue to call the Brand anything. Shary sure that a lawsuit against Susie was filed due to the fact that the leading live and Mark discussed a couple of times threw in his address uncomplimentary remarks. Also the journalist told a story when he was in Lithuania, we accidentally called Feigin lawyer, not a lawyer, and he immediately ran to the court. In the courthouse at that time even the judges laughed.

Also Anatoly Sobchak appealed to and asked not to respond to this claim and not even worry about calling Mark dumb. He also noticed that the average size this year was deprived of the testimony of a lawyer and more this is not, therefore, at the moment he is trying to PR as soon as you can.

The Xenia has not responded to the lawsuit, did not comment to reporters and did not write anything in social networks.

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