Скотт Иствуд и Хилари Дафф сходили на свидание

In early December, Western media reported that Hilary Duff broke up with her boyfriend – fitness trainer Jason Walsh.

For a long time to mourn a past relationship, the actress did not become and has already started Dating.

In particular, 29-year-old star was spotted with no less famous man in Hollywood – Scott Eastwood.

Saw a couple in one of the restaurants in West Hollywood.

“On the one hand, she clearly was flirting with him, says a source E! News. They talked for a while, and she smiled broadly and looked much happier than all the time after a breakup. On the other hand, they are each other not even touched, but just talked.” Suppose it’s like a first date…

After dinner, as the press, the pair went to nightclub 1OAK., where he spent the rest of the evening.

Recall Eastwood and Walsh Duff was married to athlete Mike Comrie. During the marriage the couple had a son Luke. This year the couple divorced. Hilary even had to pay her husband compensation in the amount of 2.5 million dollars.

Note that the former spouses managed to keep warm relations: together they go on holidays, festive weekends and communicate with each other’s families.

I started working at 12 years old, so the idea of getting married at 22, doesn’t seem so crazy. It was a very happy period in my life, I didn’t want the separation, he was saddened. We broke up on the love note, I can’t imagine how I got through it with some other person. Speaking from my heart, Mike continues to be my best friend,” — said the actress in the show The Love Bomb.