Ex-husband of Angelina Jolie keeps her dried blood

Бывший муж Анджелины Джоли хранит ее высохшую кровь

Billy Bob Thornton – Oscar, Golden globe, star on the walk of fame. But more often the actor did not remember due to his professional merit, but as the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie.

In this regard, the journalists talked with the star of “Bad Santa” and behold, he answered the question about whether his reunion with Jolie: “We’ll be together again? Alas! We already have enough friends that it’s difficult to conceive of the best friends once again turned into a desperate lover. Although we love each other — all three of them. I love her and brad and she and brad love me. I love their six children, they love my four kids. We are constantly connected and sometimes there are different compositions. I am sure that Angie will stay in a warm relationship with brad, no matter what. Now it awaits the same fate as me: to the end of his days will be to ask whether he will be reunited with Angie”.

According to Thornton, if Angelina decided on divorce, so it was the right decision: “As a rule, it does not give a person a second chance, but left with all of his exes in a wonderful relationship”.

As noted earlier, with his former Jolie trying to be friends. Thornton managed to keep the actress a good relationship, because after the divorce, he did not rush to get rid of things that reminded him about Angie. For example, Billy keeps a small vial of blood ex-wife: “There were only a few drops (of blood the couple exchanged during the marriage ceremony). We mixed it and poured in cute little bubbles. I still keep mine in the box with all sorts of cute memorable pieces from it like postcards, although the blood has long curled and dried”.