Ученые выяснили, чем грозит отказ от мяса

Researchers from Washington concluded that vegetarians (no, not suffer from problems with digestion!) have a more persistent immunity than the meat eaters.

The number of vegetarians is growing so fast that scientists started studying this phenomenon. And decided once and for all find out useful whether giving up meat, or, on the contrary harmful to body!

And – voila! There were more pluses than minuses.

The first plus is the most noticeable! Vegetarians have a significantly reduced weight. But it is rather an external factor.

Scientists dug deeper and found that when a person stops to eat meat, the intestines begin to change the bacteria… Yes, you heard right. The intestines of meat eaters and vegetarians.

And vegetarians have a larger number of them are aimed at protecting against viruses. In addition, it is proved that reduced the risk of tumors and cardiovascular diseases. Red meat has a negative effect on the heart.

And cons but scientists are also published. When people completely refuse from meat, the body loses some nutrients. And even well-composed diet can help. In particular, from plant foods, it is impossible to get the vitamins D and B12.

And you eat meat?

  • Of course! To can’t live without him!
  • Several times a week – always
  • Very calm attitude towards it. And in the summer, generally, be forgotten, but weight consume vegetables and fruits
  • Rare. There is no such requirement
  • Don’t eat meat on belief
  • Refused (-ve) from this product many years ago
  • Other (write in comments)

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