Скарлетт Йоханссон заняла первое место в рейтинге самых высокооплачиваемых актрис

After the divorce, Scarlett Johansson with her husband, insiders said that the reason was a rapidly growing acting career, which she paid too much time. The star of Marvel’s “the Avengers”, where she played a Black Widow, it is necessary to combine a career and raising a young daughter, Dorothy rose, which may also have contributed to the marriage. But, the full impact of the work had borne fruit and now in the annual ranking of highest paid Actresses, according to Forbes, took Scarlett Johansson with an income of 40.5 million dollars.

Скарлетт Йоханссон заняла первое место в рейтинге самых высокооплачиваемых актрис

Thanks to the filming of the movies about the Avengers actress has earned money and popularity. Scarlett even surpassed angelina Jolie. Her list got second place with earnings of $ 28 million. Most of the amount consists of fees for shooting the second part of “Maleficent”, which was stopped.

Third place went to the lovely Jennifer aniston who earned 19.5 million dollars. Despite the divorce, the actress continues to make progress. It is true that a considerable sum, which allowed her to get into the top three of Forbes, the actress was not for big movie premieres, and advertising. It has signed advertising contracts with Emirates airline, the beauty brand Aveeno and manufacturer of drinking water Smartwater.

Fourth place in the ranking went to Jennifer Lawrence, with earnings of 18 million dollars, while the fifth producer and actress of the series “Big little lies” Reese Witherspoon — $ 16 million.

Recall that recently Scarlett became a party to the scandal. In an interview with Megyn Kelly, a former follower of the Church of Scientology Brendan Tige talked about the fact that the list was 33-year-old Hollywood actress. At that time she was only 16 years old! The actress has commented on this statement.

“The idea of listening in order to enter into a relationship, very humiliating. I refuse to have someone spread the idea that I’m not decent, so she could choose someone suitable. Only a man like Brendan Tige, could come up with this crazy story,” she said.

Scientology itself, the Church sided with Johnson and denied the truthfulness of the words of Tige. Himself Tom cruise as the commentary says it does not.

Now the actress has a year Dating 35-year-old TV presenter and screenwriter Colin Gostom. In early 2017 Scarlett filed for divorce from her husband and father of a minor daughter, rose Dorothy with Romain by Doriana. A few months later she became a special guest of the program Josta, and after filming they went to the party with which, I believe, and began their uncertain relationship. According to insiders, the couple has proportonal the whole evening in full view of everyone. At the beginning of June saw them on a date, but neither he nor she confirmed the status of their relationship, before appearing on the red carpet of the Hollywood premiere of “the Avengers: infinity War”.