Найл Хоран и Хейли Стейнфилд подтвердили роман

Confirm novels written statements stars not used — and why? For a long time there were rumors about the novel the soloist One Direction and singer Hailey Steinfeld, but now everything is clear — the guys meet. Confirmed this photo.

Paparazzi managed to take some photos while walking to the store. Guys noticed the Elevator in a Target store in Los Angeles. They stint and walked to the car in the Parking lot. Haley cute kissing guy. The boys hugged and held hands.

And it all started with the February concert of Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas, where he was spotted stars. It was then expected the romance between musicians. In March once again sparked the rumors, because Haley put in his Twitter account a photo of a t-shirt that says “Niall Horan”. It was shot backstage at a concert. Before the start of the relationship, a couple of long time friends and very close. Somehow congratulating happy birthday Hayley, Niall called her “the best man on the planet”.

Before Haley, Nyle was attributed an affair with Selena Gomez. Somehow, deciding to spend the holidays with their relatives, but that the parting was not bitter, Niall gave sweetheart a shirt with your smell. Sources say that you wanted Gomez.

“Selena always told him that she likes his smell. So he perfumed his favorite t-shirt, perfume and gave it to Selene, so she thought about him at night. Niall asked her to wear a t-shirt every time she’d miss him. Selena appreciated the gift and thinks it’s pretty damn nice,” — said the insider.