Скарлетт Йоханссон встала на защиту Вуди Аллена в секс-скандале

Скарлетт Йоханссон встала на защиту Вуди Аллена в секс-скандале

Recently adopted daughter, 84-year-old woody Allen talked about how as a child the man molested her and molested. This news was subjected to shock the public and many friends and colleagues, woody turned away from him. Of course, there are those who sided with Allen. For example, a 35-year-old Scarlett Johansson, who starred not in the same film, and caught him, and said, does not believe the accusations. The other day she gave an interview in which again touched on the topic.

Johansson told reporters that he had met with Allen to discuss the sex scandal. After talking with the Director, she fully believed his arguments and the fact that he is not involved in the harassment.

Scarlett also said that she’s an actress, not a politician and distort facts for personal gain will not be. To withdraw or correct them, she too is not going to live not used to, it is completely contrary to its vital foundations. According to the actress, a holistic personality, the audience can dislike and even criticize, and most importantly, she has that right. However, restrain yourself for the opinions of someone else not included in the rules.

Dylan Farrow, adopted daughter woody also condemned the actress for what she supports and shares the view of her stepfather. Scarlett asked what she thinks about this. The celebrity replied quietly that Dylan also has a right to their point of view. Johansson herself says that it can only share those feelings, which is experiencing. Unfortunately, she knows no more of all the other people, the only benefit is a personal conversation with woody. She considered Allen a good friend, but to go into someone else’s family and find out how it was actually, it was not her job. However, the fact that she is friends with the Director talking about the fact that she refused to support women.

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