Кендалл и Кайли Дженнер освистывают на игре Лос-Анджелес-Рэмс, когда они появляются на «Джамботроне»

Kendall and Kylie Jenner collided with the stadium haters after their faces appeared on “Jumbotron” during the game “Los Angeles Rams” on November 25. At least, they were accompanied by a cute face from “the Bachelorette”!
We just remembered the Billboard Music Awards 2015. Again, 24 – year-old Kendall Jenner and 22 – year-old. Kylie Jenner was subjected to loud Revan, this time, cheering “Los Angeles Rams” when the home team sisters played against the “Baltimore ravens” at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles on November 25! It is a tradition of the REMS is to throw the person of the famous fans on the stadium Jumbotron for some of Rams”? Segment, sector and, of course, Kendall and Kylie got a sight of cameras on the big screen. They received a warm welcome from the family of Rams, however, each of the Kardashian sisters was adopted, individual shouts and cries that longer pulled them. In the many videos captured football fans, the cacophony of jeers swept the stadium when Kendall sent the camera in a sign of peace, kisses. Kylie hugged her older sister, but heartfelt moments are not exempt from ridicule Kylie, according to the fans of Twitter. “Sheep twice showed @KylieJenner on the big screen. She’s twice been condemned,” wrote one fan, while another wrote: “They showed Kylie Jenner on the big screen and insulted her.” Tough crowd.

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November 25: Kendall at the Rams game in LA @kendalljenner

Publication of Kendall fan page⚡ (@kendnlljenner) 25 Nov 2019 11:22 PST

At least the famous Duo was resting in the VIP section with the cuties of The Bachelorette, so who really won here? The contestants from season of Hannah brown, Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber, Dylan Barbour — was seen in a bed with Kylie and Kendall! The sisters were also joined by members of their entourage, such as FAI Khadra, Victoria Villarroel and Stasi of Karanikolov — pay special attention to the name! It was interesting to see Kylie and Tyler were on the same sporting event again because they just woke up rumors after reportedly reliable sources they are reunited at the Game Los Angeles Clippers and went to a night club Hyde late on November 22.

In the virtual section Rams’and their companies joined Wiz Khalifa, Quavo and Saweetie known in hip-hop. The rams lost to the Ravens with a brutal final score of 45-6, but that didn’t stop a fun night for Kylie. After that, they went to the clubs at poppy and nice, in West Hollywood, which was followed by Stassi and Tyler!

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