Ученицы скандальной школы рассказали об оргиях с директором In late January, the public was shocked by the news that the prestigious school of Moscow 25 years was allegedly raped adolescent girls. After some time, the network appeared the video message of the victims, in which they told about their experiences.

      Ученицы скандальной школы рассказали об оргиях с директором

      Sex scandal in “League of schools”, a prestigious school for gifted children, acquires new details. The teachers themselves allegedly raped the girls, pleaded not guilty. They argue that the numerous stories of the victims have nothing in common with reality. Recently, the network appeared the video message of the girls, who accused Director Sergei Bebchuk and his Deputy Nicholas Izyumova of harassment. These videos are dated different years, were placed in media with the consent of their authors.

      Sex scandal at the prestigious Moscow school shocked the public

      The first video that came to light after a sex scandal, dated 2014 year, it was recorded by T. Karsten. The girl told about what happened to her in grade 9 during the may holidays. According to Tatiana, the students “League of schools” often went to the country Director. Sergey Bebchuk and his wife Anastasia Loseva, who taught art history, insisted that the girl went out of the city.

      Ученицы скандальной школы рассказали об оргиях с директором

      Karsten was told that the country Director did not have a bathroom. So the students went to wash in the bath. At that time it so happened that at some point Tatiana was left alone. Sergey advised her to work out in the bath. But the schoolgirl sucked at it, and Bebchuk has proposed to handle a naked pupil with a broom. Then, according to Karsten, the man began to molest her. Tatyana was frightened and didn’t know what to do. She wanted to tell about what happened to the wife of the Director, but could not. Karsten says that it was unpleasant to think about what can happen to hurt a woman. In the end she convinced herself that there is nothing to worry, as men fall in love with girls. The ninth-grader was also afraid that someone might get hurt and the school will be closed.

      “He sat next to me on the bench, put his arm around me. Said I was very smart and beautiful girl. He’s in love with me for a long time. So I was not expecting that this could happen, probably from shock, from fear, from all along I sat there and didn’t know what to do… He asked me: “I guess I’m not that onto you?” I said I don’t know. We stood at the door, then he hugged me, kissed the forehead, cheeks, hair, I don’t know. Said, what I’m good, he loves me. I was 17 years old, that’s probably important to mention”, – said Tatiana.

      Another call appeared on the Network, belongs to the Faith Volyak. The first time she recorded it in 2014, but after the journalists conducted an investigation, the girl asked them again to answer questions.

      According to Volyak, Bebchuk forced her to join with him in an intimate relationship. The first time it happened when the girl was 14 years old. “There is not to say that it was, as you call it, petting or affection, something, kissing or touching, no, it was full sex,” she said. Faith also asserts that the Director could organize orgies, and his wife was aware of what is happening. Moreover, Losev she was a member of the group of intimate relations.

      Volyak also reported that many victims did not want to advertise what happened to them. When they finished school, had not thought about it. Faith said that she tried to forget about everything. She didn’t think it could happen again with other students.

      In addition, Volyak was frankly told that was allegedly committed against the girls Izyumov. Usually, the Deputy Director allegedly preferred to hug the girls, but once undressed in the presence of Faith and was ready to cross the line. But this did not happen.

      “I have seen his answers in interviews, and he says like — and what I have someone there to Pat? If you have a girl sitting on his lap, and from you, as if to say, an erection, and you Pat her in the chest, I think it’s very far away from the handshake. He had just shut the door — you walk into his office, he closes the door and then that there, you caresses, cuddles. I’m not saying I had sex with him. Full sex was not” — says the girl.
      Ученицы скандальной школы рассказали об оргиях с директором

      Faith said the correspondent of “jellyfish” that the Director and his Deputy allegedly emotionally inclined pupils to intimate relations. For a long time she did not dare to talk about it, but overcame itself.

      In turn, the alleged “rapists” continue to deny the allegations. Recently, the Deputy Director issued an appeal to the public, in which he shared his version of what happened. Izyumov claims not involved in the violence, and the news of this seriously undermined his health. According to a former employee of the scandalous school, he does not cease to hurt in 2015.

      “I called all the accusations slander. This is a story about a group of very good people with whom we were all the years very good relationships with many friends, happily met on the evenings of meetings of graduates”, – said the man.
      Ученицы скандальной школы рассказали об оргиях с директором

      Izyumov assured that he has many joint photographs with graduates and postcards from former students. Ex-head of the “League schools” drew attention to the fact that many teachers now-closed educational institution supported it.

      “Not one girl last year studying in one class would not be able to accuse me of harassment, because it never happened again, because these girls accusations don’t need two. And they need someone? Properly, through the years aunt. Because of accusations of pedophilia over the years, as you know, it is always the desire for revenge. For what? This is a difficult conversation. Everyone has their own reasons,” he says.

      The man also said that he many people are trying to help. “Now I get more calls, emails and messages from people who support and say kind words than accusations from strangers”, he said. Izyumov claims that in an investigation published in the media, not disclosed all the details of what happened. According to him, some of the graduates themselves provoked members of the opposite sex. “Can you relate to methods of Sergei Alexandrovich, but he [one of the alleged victims] are not molested and not a section. He just showed her what could be. And she did not forgive,” said Izyumov.