Elena Temnikova is preparing for a serious conversation with Fadeev and Seryabkina

Елена Темникова готовится к серьезному разговору с Фадеевым и Серябкиной The actress is going to make contact with former colleagues. Temnikova Lena tries not to think about the past, but realizes that her relationship with the producer and a soloist SEREBRO remained unresolved issues.

      Елена Темникова готовится к серьезному разговору с Фадеевым и Серябкиной

      Singer Lena Temnikova considers himself a happy man. The artist is a daughter Sasha and her husband Dmitry supports her in everything. Nevertheless, the star still can’t forget what she had gone through a few years ago when she worked in the group SEREBRO. Lena Temnikova told about humiliations that were suffered in the group SEREBRO

      The artist is not once told me how she had prematurely terminated the contract with the team and Maxim Fadeev. According to Temnikovo, it resented the group’s image: revealing outfits and provocative behavior. Besides, the last few months of work in the women’s group Helen held on painkillers, as she deteriorated vascular disease.

      However, the singer decided to forget about these difficult times. The singer believes that the time has come to dot the “i” in her relationship with Olga Seryabkina and Maxim Fadeev.

      “Honestly, I forgave all who had hurt me: Maxim Fadeev, Olga Seryabkina. Soon to be Shrove Sunday, I’m going to do. One life and one must live to build. I can say that today I can easily live and work, because he let go of his past. Moreover, I now try to put yourself in the other person to better understand the situation,” explained Temnikova.

      According to the artist leaving the project Fadeev, she was ready to say goodbye to the career of a singer. Temnikova recalls that after leaving the group, it still has a long it seemed that she still goes on stage in the composition of SEREBRO.

      “For a long time dreamed that I bring to speak another transparent suit, dream and other nightmares. How happy I was when my life ended SEREBRO” – said Lena.

      Care Temnikova from the group coincided with the moment when she met her beloved husband Dmitry. Elena believes that with its appearance life has changed dramatically. Besides, Dmitry expertly comforted the girl.

      “He is still conducting with me some work to internally me even more to relax. Dima, of course, no ready-made recipes, he looks at the situation based on their life experience, advises on how to discard the excess, and you should pay attention,” said Lena in an interview with “OK!”.