Скандальные «старички» «Дома-2»: зачем они возвращаются на проект? Past members remembered the intrigue, again live under the gun cameras. It is an eternal desire of fame or infantilism, the inability to be realized in everyday life?

      Скандальные «старички» «Дома-2»: зачем они возвращаются на проект?

      Each week on popular TV project “Dom-2” comes a new party, sometimes more than one. And sometimes, the audience is bewildered to see familiar faces – former stars of the reality show. Alexander Gobozov, Gleb Strawberry, Andrey Cherkasov, Evgeniy Kuzin… Really they bad lived outside the project? These and other past members remembered the scandals, fights and intrigue, again live under the gun cameras. It is an eternal desire of fame or infantilism, the inability to be realized in everyday life? However, the rating of the program grows, the curiosity of the audience increases – hence, the numerous “kambani” is justified. The question arises – who’s next?

      Evgeny Kuzin

      For the first time on the famous TV construction site Eugene Kuzin came on 12 September 2008. Fans remember the failed love story with Margaret Agibalova, which ended in divorce and mutual claims. The couple left son Mitya. The life of Jenny, it seemed, went downhill: suspension of driving privileges for driving under the influence, removal from the project for the fight, the conflict with his ex-wife for child support… outside of the project Kuzin did not miss: he opened a clothing store, worked as a toastmaster.

      Скандальные «старички» «Дома-2»: зачем они возвращаются на проект?

      But on 16 December 2012, he returned to the “House-2”. Closer to the summer of the mysterious force once again drew Eugene “freedom”, and he resigned from the perimeter. Six months later, the guy tried to return, but had he been able only on the 18th of January 2015. Seasoned party immediately flew to the Seychelles – the second site of “House-2” – and there even tried to build love with Alyona Pavlova. But the girl changed her Cousin, to forgive what he wanted, and soon started a relationship with Alexandra Artemova. The couple is still together, though often going through hard times.

      Andrey Cherkasov

      Скандальные «старички» «Дома-2»: зачем они возвращаются на проект?

      The project is a brave officer Andrey Cherkasov came on 12 October 2007 at the invitation of the friend of Alexander the Gobozov, which is already being built the love in the “House-2”. The first girl that liked young man, was Olga Agibalova… just a couple of days until he saw her younger sister Rita. Seventeen-year-old girl infatuated with Cherkasov, that he decided to wait for her majority, and vowed eternal love. But this Union didn’t last. Andrew tried with others: by Daria Black (now Pynzar), Eugenia feofilaktova (Guseva) and Natalia Varvina. In a relationship with Natasha opening the door, he allowed himself to assault that on 1 June 2009 he was expelled from “Houses-2”. Outside the perimeter the guy played in clubs and at weddings.

      Andrey Cherkasov refuses to meet with Victoria romanet

      On September 20, 2013 returned to “the native land” – to teach young people how to build relationships. And here we go: the one or the other, despite his girlfriend out of the project. With the latest love – Victoria Romanets, Andrey had planned to get married, but it didn’t work out. Now guys aren’t together, but their fans hope that the couple will reunite.

      Alexander Kharitonov

      Скандальные «старички» «Дома-2»: зачем они возвращаются на проект?

      In 2007, the girl was vacationing in Thailand, where he met with the star of “House-2” Stepan Menshikova. The man invited Sasha to the project, and since November 1 it became a party to it. There Alexander talent: together with Elena Buchenau and Natalia Varvina she sang in the group “Istra witches”. The success was so infatuated that on 9 April 2009, the girl left the “House-2” for a solo career. Stepan left behind favorite, but the novel didn’t happen.

      The infamous star of “House-2” condemned for returning to the project

      Sasha worked as a host at corporate events and parties, and on February 27, 2016 once again came to the “House-2” to build love with Timur Garafutdinova. Even steam has announced publicly about the upcoming wedding. However, and this tale did not last long. Just a week Kharitonov found love correspondence Timur with another girl and broke off the engagement.

      Gleb Zhemchugov (Strawberry)

      Скандальные «старички» «Дома-2»: зачем они возвращаются на проект?

      27 March 2009 Gleb Zhemchugov, nicknamed the Strawberry first came to the perimeter of the reality show “Dom-2”. The guy immediately began to show attention to the popular party Buchenau Elena, but the girl did not answer him in return. Then the Strawberry shifted her focus to longing love Nadezhda Ermakova. Their relationship was ruined by endless drinking and debauchery Gleb. After another fight on the road Zhemchugova was kicked out of the project, however, several times he attempted to return. 29 October 2012 Gleb is once again in the “House-2”. However, after a series of setbacks on the love front 12 January 2013 again. The perimeter Hleb is not original and, like many of his colleagues, earned the corporate events and even tried his hand at Comedy programme.

      11 July 2015 viewers saw again the Strawberry party “House-2”, but this time the man brought with him his family, which managed to get a wife Olga and son Misha. Young parents show the example of how to succeed in love, as well as hand out tips to be less successful in relations to the participants.

      Vlad Kadoni

      Скандальные «старички» «Дома-2»: зачем они возвращаются на проект?

      Black magician Vlad Kadono appeared in the TV project “Dom-2” on 20 February 2009. The purpose of the psychic wasn’t love, and the public relations and expanding “client base”. At first Vlad was in conflict with Wenceslas vengrzhanovskim, earned the title of white mage project, then – with Rustam Solntseva. With him Kadono competed for the title of the chief schemer of the project. I must say, several times the guy tried to build relationships with the girls. But it was impossible. In September 2010 the sorcerer went to the clinic of plastic surgery, where he underwent surgery to increase manhood. But it did not help the young person to establish a personal life. Then on 21 September 2011, winning the title of “Man of the year” Vlad kadoni left the project.

      Bored, the magician returned to the “House-2” on March 26, 2015 – but not as a participant and as a co-lead. The place of the skull conducted, tete-a-Teta arranged, the participants were given tips… in short, helped Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina struggling. But love again was built.

      Alexander Gobozov

      Скандальные «старички» «Дома-2»: зачем они возвращаются на проект?

      For the first time the threshold of the project “Dom-2” Alexander Gobozov crossed on 9 March 2007. Attempt to build a love with the star of the show Victoria Karaseva failed. Then Gobozov became friends with Nadezhda Ermakova. Sasha made Nade the offer, but she refused. The relationship is complicated, and thanks to the betrayals and fights Alexander. The couple broke up. After the guy spun love with Olga Sokol. Stormy temperament were both encouraged young people are constantly fighting, and one of the votes against was the most Gobozov. Olga went after him. But the families of the guys on the perimeter did not work.

      Aliana and Alexander were married Gobozova

      June 10, 2013 Alexander returned to “Home 2”. The man said that the second time he will be able to build a relationship with one of the girls, and immediately drew attention to Alianu Ustinenko. The couple was moving so fast that they not only got acquainted with mothers of each other, but also invited women to live to their project. Soon Horozovic was born the son of Robert, but this event did not bring peace to the house. The scandals continued, the guys fought and fought to no end, Sasha began to drink and to change. In April 2015 Aliana and Alexander divorced. But 30 January 2016 again married, unable to endure separation.

      Nadezhda Ermakova

      On the reality show “House-2” Nadezhda Ermakova appeared on April 25, 2007, expressing sympathy Rustam Solntsev. In return the man is not pleased, then Nadia responded to the ardent courtship of Alexander Gobozov, who literally did not give passage: arranged one after the other, a romantic date, vowed to love, introduced me to his parents and made the offer. Ermakova has not given consent, and the couple started having problems. Besides, Hope had the stupidity to tell the whole country that Sasha is not satisfied with her in bed. The one to rehabilitate themselves in the eyes of the audience, Nadia began to change. Nadia, breaking with Gomosovy, found solace in the arms of Gleb Zhemchugova. However, their love only lasted eight months. July 1, 2011 Ermakova is kicked out of the women’s vote.

      In November 2012, Hope has returned to “the House-2” to help his friend to win the Strawberry – so who, if not she better know how to do that? For several years, Nadia Ermakova working in the post the casting Director of “House-2”, selects prospective participants from the crowd of applicants. We can say that with project girl and never left.

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